Assembly Language Subroutines Lance A. Leventhal Winthrop Saville OSBORNE/McGraw-Hill Berkeley, California Disclaimer of Warranties and. Assembly Language Subroutines. The authors and the publisher apparently assume that if you don’t know which computers use the microprocessor. assembly language subroutines / Lance A. Leventhal, Winthrop Saville. Subjects: Assembly languages (Electronic computers) · (Microprocessor) > .

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TXA, of course, changes the accumulator. Branch if Less Than or Equal Signed.

A second 8-bit parameter is passed in index register Y. It presents techniques for per- forming the following operations: However, you can produce ordinary indirect addressing by using the postindexed indirect indexed addressing mode with index register Y set to 0. Moving languxge to or from areas occupied or used by the program itself will produce unpredic- table results.

Tables through list instructions that allow particular addressing modes: In fact, this approach uses RTS to call a subroutine.

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In any case, the instructions to be repeated must not interfere with the counting of the repeti- tions. The stack pointer always contains the address of the next available stack location on page 1 of memory addresses l6 through 01FF, 6. Logically OR the accumulator with the contents of an indexed address obtained using index register X and the base 17E0 A simple example is a user program that saves results in temporary storage locations that operating systems or utility programs need for their own purposes.

Many devices can accept or pro- vide data only when a status line indicates they are ready. In fact, the return address does not contain an instruction; instead, it contains the first parameter.

No response is necessary. BYTE 1 ,2 ,3 ,4 ,5 ,6 ,7 ,8. This book can also serve as supplementary material for students of the Assem- bly Language Programming series.


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Experience has shown that the handshaking chip can provide still more conve- nience, at virtually no cost, in the following ways: We would greatly appreciate your comments, criticisms, and suggestions. There is no need to save or restore the old D flag since that is done automatically as part of the saving and restoring of the status register.

I’d like to read this book on Kindle Don’t have a Kindle? The documentation should include a summary of errors and exceptions under the heading of “Special Cases”. A rotate without Carry differs in that it acts as if the least significant bit of the data were connected directly to the most significant bit. The array is assumed to be stored in row major order that is, by rows and both subscripts are assumed to begin at zero.

There are, however, many common errors that assemblers will not recognize. You cannot assume that a memory loca- tion contains just because you have not used it.

On the other hand, an output device normally starts out in the ready state, that is, it could accept data but the computer usually has none to send it. If enough memory is available, a lookup table may be a reasonable approach even if many of its entries are repetitive — even if many inputs produce the same output.

This includes indirect addresses and other temporary storage on page 0. What other items do customers buy after viewing this item?

Of course, using in-line code rather than loops and subroutines reduces execution time but increases memory usage. This offset evidently speeds the processor’s execution of the JSR Jump to Subroutine instruction, but it also can confuse, the pro- grammer.

It is also the only register that can be used for preindexing, although that mode is not com- mon. RTS RTS is just an ordinary indirect jump in which the processor obtains the destina- tion from the top of the stack! Among other effects, this inverts bit 0.


Enter binary mode but save the old Decimal Mode flag. The sizes can be calculated and saved as soon as the bounds of the array are known. Obviously, no method of handling errors or exceptions can ever be completely consistent or well suited to all applications.

Note that the result is a signed two’s complement bit number. It is remarkably easy to calculate a result and then load something else into the accumulator. Shift instructions can rotate or shift the accumulator or a memory location.

Documentation is essential, since this method uses RTS for the rather surprising purpose of transferring control to a subroutine, rather than from it. You can also operate a VIA in an interrupt-driven mode.

The solution is 65022 reduce the base address or addresses by 1. It uses the absolute addressing mode with a full bit address. The mnemonic may confuse the reader, but it obviously does not bother the microprocessor. No explicit comparison is then necessary. Note, however, that the accumulator cannot be loaded in the zero page mode using Y as an index. The following addressing modes are available: Zubroutines that the Carry is set to 1 if the numbers are equal.

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That is, the processor provides an automatic wraparound on page 0. Here we must also initialize the table of indirect addresses in the RAM on page 0. Reset CA2 high with an active transition on CA1. Problems occur with numbers that are valid as either decimal or hexadecimal values such as 44 or and with binary numbers such as The maximum values of the various subscripts are 6 leftmost and 5 middle.

The Zero flag is set only if both bytes are 0.