AIMCAT Solutions – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. AIMCAT Solutions. Uploaded by. Tamal Saamnta. Booking slot for AIMCAT has commenced. Were you able to give the exam?next non. invigilated me fool proof solution de dunga abi can’t say may be. Aimcat solutions pdf. Prospectus Download on papers from AIIMS PG Entrance examinations from year is attached.

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Depends on what range of percentile you are getting in the AIMCATs, the lower percentilers would remain at that level, the higher ones get a better percentile in the actual test, given the same level of performance.

You do not need to attempt every question in an RC. I soljtions up English. Again the experts say increasing reading speed is very important.

Concentration is the key in RC. My percentile in section 2 is 95 percentile but this is an average performance. You would have a good practice of giving the test in a simulated experience close to the actual CAT. You would have received V10, the Grammar book aimmcat the first lot of material. Practice in Verbal is a key. Its not that Iam weak in verbal. However, you may start with more emphasis on accuracy for the first 2 or three AIMCATs but will need to focus on nu,mber of attempts also after that.

Surely 11319, but you’ll have to improve your VA scores as at current reckoning you may not clear the sectional cut-offs. In parajumbles, out of the given 3 or 4 questions, I am unable to solve atleast 1 or 2questions, which I feel difficult to find link among the sentences given.


Discipline yourself, make a daily timetable or schedule and focus on all sections in the week. If Logical Reasoning is your strong area, you can solve all the questions here.

Then check the responses of all questions. Sir I have received Basic study material, will I be receiving further materials for practice in July,Aug months? Your question has been taken up for discussion soluitons various points in the chat. Note that CAT is becoming more and more concept based and less startegy and speed based.

Sir i am pretty weak in Quant can you give few powerfull tips to improve my quant accuracy sunil: You will need to put in much more solutins this time around. Read as much as you can, as many varieties as you can. However, if you feel you are particularly weak in VA then ensure that you put in extra effort like daily reading practice, regular study of grammar from your course material and other books like wren and martin, etc.

Not too many questions test your ‘vocab’ as such in CAT, the emphasis is more on application soltuions the knowledge of the language you have.

AIMCAT 1319: Discussion thread

See where you made mistakes in the aimcat and rework those questions. Hello Piyush, more than grammar you need to become better in reading skills. So one should be able to finish reading and answering a passage in about 6 minutes. A lot of students, many of whom are in the various IIMs, face the same dilemma esp in the initial stages.


Make sure you read all the RCs, attempt what you can and move on. Would practising our material suffice to make it to the IIMs?

You get 20 chances at experimenting with your strategies before giving the actual CAT, do not miss even 1 of them! A winner would find a way around obstacles. But the best way would be to learn by reading the newspapers. Next practice Sentence Correction and Word Usage based questions.

Then you should also read through the data quicly to grasp what is being presented.

Chat Transcript

I am working hard but nothing is going my way. For VA, idenitfy what kind of qns solutinos you being troubled with- Parajumbles or RCs or incorrect usage.

Kindly suggest some measures.

That is to ensure that the flow is not lost from previous classes. Ask your faculty, after the class.

Pls concentrate on trying to maximize your score irrespective of the quota you belong to. It is just a test!

You should start getting the sense of the language rather than trying to figure out the rules of grammar. To get aicmat complete material, you should register as a classroom student.