AMANO Watchman Clock. Model: PR Accurate Quartz Movement. Durable, Convenient and Lightweight. READY Stock for Station Keys NO.1 to Amano PR Watchman Clock guard tour recording clock. Amano Watchman’s Clock Logo. Amano PR Watchman Time Clock. Amano PR provides a clear and accurate watchman record.

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Click on this line to download the owners manual See what people are saying about us – click here.

It’s a Great Deal – at a Great Price. The inside is all metal.


First item, the clock and components. The guard walks around the campus to the various station, in any order you want, or randomly.

At each station, he removes the key from the box, inserts it in to the PR watchman clock, and gives it a twist.

This then shows when he was at that particular station.

Amano PR | National Time

Station 1 could be the Employee Lounge. Station 2 could be the vault or excitable lawyer’s office, etc. FYI, in the business, “stations” are known as “checkpoints”. The guard tour goes to many checkpoints or wmano, it might be a regional thing. Station 3 was the main entrance, 4 was the vault corridor, 5 was the computer room, and so-on.


When the guard completes his round, he returns to the guard office and inserts his key again 14 for this example and gives it a crank. This embosses the carbon-less report tape.

Now you have a complete record of which guard did that particular tour, and at what times he was at each location. Having worked at the bank on nights and weekends that summer, Joe went back to college and never looked back.


Amamo Quartz watchman clock, carrying strap, 15 stations with metal keys, battery, and a 1 year supply of report tape 10 rolls. Learn more about this below. Prints station number, date and time Weight: Rugged case, Genuine Corinthian Leather carrying strap Low cost of operation; repairable when worn out or damaged The inside is all metal.

A creative amqno on how to amamo this system – how to tell which guards did the tour: The key and chain sit inside the gray box. The chain connects to the box. If you are using less than all 15 checkpoints, consider using another box and key: They have unique, two digit, high numbers.


When you finish the first box, order two more boxes of report tapes. This way you will never run out.

AMANO PR Watchman’s Clock | TIMI Office Solution

At the beginning of the tour, the guard inserts his key – 14 for the early shift, 15 for the late shift – and gives it a twist. This marks the beginning of the tour pr60 the time.

By comparing this to the time cards or schedule, you will know who did the tour at that time.