Jericho. By Ann McMan. Disclaimers: None. All of the characters are mine ( although two of them may bear uncanny physical resemblances to two others you . Jericho was The Atheneum’s #7 Story of , and a Finalist for the Golden Crown Literary Society Ann Bannon Award. It was voted by Goodreads. Goldenrod, a Jericho novel, will be published in February

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It didn’t make sense.

It’s not the author’s best, but the funny thing is that its main problem–that it sprawls because the writing isn’t particularly tight–is actually something I love about it. Maddie shrugged as she looked around. A flagstone walkway led from a secluded parking area to the house.

Maddie StevensonSyd Murphy. In recent years, Christmas tree farms had expanded to be become the dominant industry in the tiny mountain region, and many of the workers who moved to the area to work on the farms were of Mexican descent. Why would anyone choose to live in such a straight line? Ann McMan on November 27, at 7: She saw what appeared to be a man’s denim jacket hanging on a peg near the back door.

He flourished once he was away from here. She lives in Winston-Salem, NC with her wife, the author Ann McMan, their two dogs, two cats, and an exhaustive supply of vacuum cleaner bags. A white painted sign next to the entrance read M. All in all, a disappointment. She was walking back toward the gas station with a heavy-set, middle-aged man.


Maddie looked at her oddly, then shook her head and eased the car into gear. This one comes in at over 21 hours of audio. Maddie looked the shorter woman over appraisingly. We all do what we can.

Welcome Back to Jericho—Goldenrod Coming in 2017

Several jerjcho couples turned and looked their way. It’s extremely well done for what it is. She glanced at her watch. The view took her breath away. Maddie’s sweats were comically large on the smaller woman. The air was filled with the pungent scent of pine needles and dry grass.

Maddie kept an arm wrapped around her.

I really enjoyed how it does not follow the typical arch of lesbian romance where girl meets girl, there is some conflict, then they fall madly in love and have mind blowing sex. Oh how splendid that would be. Describing what went wrong would keep us both sitting here until dawn. Almost everyone jsricho crosses their paths believes it’s only a matter of time until they figure it out, but sometimes, it takes a while to see the obvious.

jerichp I want something else, too. I honestly could see this being a movie or tv show. Jrricho already guilted me into paying more attention to my jeircho away from work. News of that enterprise caught on rapidly, and Syd was now besieged by requests from other band members who wanted the same type of instruction.


Fifteen minutes later, Syd was seated in Maddie’s examination room, still reeling from the nurse’s inquisition. I like that it’s well rounded with interesting characters and leads that have great chemistry.

The characters are unbelievably witty. Smiling, she walked forward and waved at the two boys inside the car. She wished their chairs were closer together so she could see her better. It was as if someone had faxed the doctor a list of her favorite recordings. She picked up her napkin. Do you wanna walk around outside for few minutes?

Jericho by Ann McMan

Ann McMan weaves a story of life and love in mcjan beautiful mountains of Virginia. What are you up to? All of the downstairs windows glowed with yellow light. That’s how they met.

Jericho Series by Ann McMan

The silvery sound rang through the room. Roma Jean Freemantle had been a godsend. Return to Jericho, a sleepy town in the Appalachian Mountains of Virginia where life is anything but dull. Maddie returned his hug, and then stepped back. Syd opted for honesty. Nov 24, poppp rated it really liked jerihco.

Dec 13, Luce rated it it was amazing Shelves: Books by Ann McMan.