Download and view manual or user guide HOTPOINT-ARISTON AL D MARGHERITA Washing machine online. Click here to go to download. your local Ariston customer services who will be pleased to help. Any failure will be repaired, 1 Margherita – Instructions for installation and use. 1 Answer. I can’t stop the dryer from coming on Ariston ALD, I just want to wash. Hi there, the F button on your washing machine (see manual.

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Was this review helpful? Hi Tom, please send your request to arisit arisit. Kind regards, Ariston Brand. Ariston posted maryherita Nov 30, Dear Graeme, thank you for your review we are sorry to read your machine was loud, however if it was like this it sounds like it was not installed properly, the bolts perhaps were not taken from th Ariston posted on Feb 26, No, there were no bolts remaining in back.

I’d pulled backplate off a number of times over ten years. And Ariston helpline weren’t ever much help as don’t supply repair manual – option was to buy a Graeme Harrison posted on Feb 26, Harvey Norman owns Ariston!!! That’s why they go for the hard sell.

I did not know that Harvey Norman owns Ariston! That explains a LOT! Baroness posted on Feb 24, This model was my one and only front loader – – never again.

Apart from the fact that you can’t add something that has been forgotten, and the door could not be opened for some time after the cycle I had this model for almost ten years and apart from an initial fault within the first six months which was promptly fixed I loved this machine.

I had no problem with needing to put it through ex Shellimac posted on Oct 05, Garance asked on Aug 23, Ariston replied on Aug 24, Garance replied on Aug 24, I haven’t had this problem before when anything happens arisston my washer l phone for an engineer l pay monthly cover which a1l28d very reasonable so l’m sorry that l cannot help you but do hope that you will get it sorted out soon.

Mags replied on Aug 27, Ana asked on Jul 25, Dear Ana, it would be best to stop the wash then activate drain and open the door to take what you need form your machine, thank you Ariston brand. Ariston replied on Jul 27, Andrew asked on Jul 19, Dear Andrew such aritson are technical questions please call our team on so we can help you here, thank you Ariston mwnual. Ariston replied on Jul 20, Ariston Margherita ALX. Write a review Ask a question.

Your trust is our top concern. Companies can’t alter or remove reviews from ProductReview. Apr 15 years old. Very happy,had timer and belt replaced, years ago,but aariston the timer is giving problems.

I have to manually move it mznual times, the rubber seal is getting durty,and cleaning is not possible.

Ariston AL DS Manuals

Is it worth fixing or buying a new oneI am very happy with the machine ,but would not buy washing and dryer again. Write a review on ProductReview. Jan Just died after 16 years service That’s how confident they were. If only all white goods manufacturers were as good. Very sad they discontinued the model.


The washing machine still looks new and is n good condition. Please advise where I can download an electronic copy of this manual so I can fully utilise this washing machine. Thank you in advance. Ariston Official Hi Tom, please send your request to arisit arisit. Sep Love it!!. We have had our Margherita for nearly 13yrs matgherita it has had to have some electrical placements over the years but we love it!!

And hope that it will keep going ‘on and on’ just like it said. Ours has a dryer as well and up to now has never failed us. I don’t think they can be bought here anymore ,we pay cover for ours it’s part of the family!!.

It never let you know how far through the cycle it had got when it stopped. The drying function was very poor. This year we gave up on buying more parts or putting more padding inside marhgerita lessen hits against side.

The Ariston uses the ‘old technology’ of a motor below the drum, with a car-type ‘belt’ to drive the drum. We bought an LG ‘direct drive’ where the electric motor is on the same axis as the front-load drum, avoiding all belts and the off-axis forces generated by the belt-drive.

The direct drive is 4x quieter than the older Ariston technology. Ariston Official Dear Graeme, thank you for your review we are sorry manuaal read your machine was loud, however if it was like this it sounds like it was not installed properly, the bolts perhaps were not taken from th We have had our washing machine if this model for years and love it.

The only thing that had happened is some rust on the lower front of the machine. Never had anything done to it aroston still works perfectly. Being stored in a cupboard type area and also bring a front loader, I feel a bit of rust on the lower part of the cabinet is possibly normal. Have had other front loaders and they all discoloured or rusted so I think this length of time is terrific. Still in perfect working order and will try to paint over rust as we love the quick cycle and everything about the machine.

Never Ever buy an Ariston after my Margherita experiences! My sister and I both happened to buy these machines at the same time, just by coincidence. And our experiences ran parallel, so we Know we didn’t just get a one off dud. The motor seizing within a few months of purchase, the clunking as bits fell off amrgherita, the rust on the outer cabinet, being Without a washing machine more often than with one as it was sent off Again to the repairs department That one lasted about 9 months, and we couldn’t bear to go through the agony of the whole experience again, and so chucked it away and bought new machines entirely me an LG which I Love and she a Bosch which she Adores Harvey Norman should be ashamed of themselves for stocking this machine and embarrassed at their actively pushing sales of what they must realise is a dud.


Don’t touch it, under any circumstances, even if someone offers you one for free! Not great value for money, 200 won’t every buy Ariston again! We’re in the process of replacing our Ariston Margherita after eight years – the board and motor have just seized up, but we also had to have the drum reattached after four years after having the drum reattached, the whole house shuddered during the spin cycle!

Wouldn’t buy Ariston again! I have had my Ariston Margherita for almost 10 years.

Handleiding Hotpoint-Ariston al d margherita (pagina 1 van 16) (English)

Surprise, surprise – it was sold to me by Harvey Norman! I was green and new to Australia and recalled Ariston having a factory close to where I lived in UK, so assumed it would be a good British product!

Within a very short time it rusted on all external joints – not a pretty picture. Adiston, I cannot fault it where performance is concerned.

I am mostly living alone, so it is used only a couple of times a week on a short wash cycle 33 minuteswhich I find very convenient. I certainly wouldn’t buy Ariston again, especially if I had a family to cater for. I would revert to Bosch or Miele.

Hotpoint-Ariston al 128 d margherita

Expensive, always breaking down. My machine was sold to be by HN in Perth after convincing me to go with this brand because of its quality. I was initially very impressed with the quality of the wash – compared to my top loader – Simpson which lasted 14 years. Luckily maanual manufacturer included a 5 year warranty.

Within 12 months marghsrita electrical board failed, 2 years the motor burnt out, 4 years the belt snapped and the electrics went again. Very inconvenient having it break down constantly when my old machine was never touched in 14 years! The technicians who serviced my machine were impressed with the way I maintained it – no mould or dirt built up as I meticulously ran the hottest cycle on empty once a month as they recommended and used only half the recommened washing powder.

Today my Ariston Margherta door jammedwatched a video how to opena piece of plastic was stuck in the lockcan I get a new lockmachine has not had hard useseems a shame to dispose of it as works wellapart from a broken lock. Hi, I accidentally washed some clothes with something arixton, and mi credit card is stucked on the machine how can I take it?

I can see is below the metal thing that goes around. Ariston Official Dear Ana, it would be best to stop the wash then activate drain and open the door to take 200 you need form your machine, thank you Ariston brand. The pump section when taken out for cleaning I have tried ways but water gushes out of the top when replaced?

Ariston Official Dear Andrew such questions are technical questions please call our team on so we can help you here, thank you Ariston brand.

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