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Skills Training – Course Information. Department of Public Economics – Faculty of Economics and Administration Course Enrolment Limitations The course is only offered to the students of the study fields the course is directly associated with.

The capacity limit for the course is 26 student s. Current registration and enrolment status: Therefore, the development and perfection of communication skills, which is what the course focuses on, is an important part of preparing students for their practical life.


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The introductory blocks concentrate on basic communication skills necessary for efficiency of communication process, the following blocks focus on the development of selected managerial skills. Learning outcomes At the end of the course students should have knowledge and skills to be able to: Introduction, requirements for granting a credit. Communication process, verbal and nonverbal communication. Significance of effective communication for management, possibilities and methods for the development of communication skills.

Principles of effective verbal communication.

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Asking questions – question types, advantages and disadvantages of individual types. Active listening — significance of listening, development of listening skills. Efficient argumentation and persuasion – choice of arguments, formulation of arguments, building arguments.

Overcoming objections – objection types, procedure of overcoming objections. Assertiveness and its significance.

Assertive, passive and aggressive behavior – characteristics, consequences for managerial work. Assertive rights, assertive techniques. Intrapersonal and interpersonal contribution of assertive thinking and behavior.


Preparation and structure of presentation, effective verbal and nonverbal communication during presentation. Visual aids and their significance, principles of their effective use.

Personality communication types, efficient strategies for dealing with particular types. Preparation for and principles of effective realization.

Read Asertivita pro manažery online free by Dagmar Lahnerová at

Principles of effective realization. Edited by Paddy O’Brien.

Assessment methods Requirements for granting a credit: The purpose of the written test: Language of instruction Czech Further comments probably available only in Czech The course is taught annually.

The course is taught: The course is also listed under the following terms AutumnAutumnAutumn Enrolment Statistics recent Permalink: Other applications Course Catalogue Information System.