Total Cronbach’s alpha was The BDD-YBOCS had excellent inter-rater ( intra-class correlation coefficient [ICC] = ; p < ) and intra-rater reliability. The BDD-YBOCS is an observer rated scale to assess the severity of BDD The COPS is a self-report scale designed to screen for symptoms of BDD in. body dysmorphic disorder scale notes. The body dysmorphic disorder scale ( BDD-YBOCS) was developed by Katharine Phillips and colleagues (details at the .

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A self-report version has been used in some studies, but its psychometric properties have not been established.

BDD | Scales used for BDDScales used for BDD – BDD

Other items, however, such as functional impairment and avoidance due to BDD thoughts and repetitive behaviors, typically require careful clinical questioning and clinical judgment to accurately capture and score the broad range of yocs consequences of this disorder.

Morselli PG, Boriani F. Ybocx and statistical manual of mental disorders 5th ed. The consensus version was adequately adapted to the linguistic context and care was taken to preserve all essential characteristics of the original instrument.

Degree of control over compulsive behavior 0. All patients understood that the scale items were related to concerns and dissatisfaction with physical appearance. This is usually established by specialists in the field before the items questions are worded.


Diagnosis and Clinical Assessment in BDD

Perhaps the most important thing to keep in mind is that many ybocx with BDD do not spontaneously reveal their BDD symptoms ybcs their clinician because they are too embarrassed and ashamed, fear being negatively judged e. Validity Face validity evaluates whether the instrument appears to measure what it was designed to measure. When hair tweezing, plucking, pulling, or other types of hair removal is intended to improve perceived defects in the appearance of body or facial hair, BDD should be diagnosed rather than trichotillomania hair-pulling disorder.

Intraclass correlation coefficients ICCs were used to bdv interrater and test-retest reliability. Ybocss means that patients with BDD who seek cosmetic surgery will not necessarily seek psychiatric treatment later. Factors that are associated with the occurrence of suicidal ideation in BDD are: Conclusions The BDD-YBOCS demonstrated strong internal consistency, interrater and test-retest reliability, convergent and discriminant validity, and sensitivity to change.

Social anxiety and its relationship to functional impairment in body dysmorphic disorder. The efficacy of antipsychotic augmentation of an SRI — in particular, for patients with delusional BDD — has not been adequately studied, and thus the efficacy of this type of augmentation is unknown.

The final version was obtained when patients, translators, and health professionals reached a consensus Appendix 1available as online-only supplementary material. Author information Copyright and License information Disclaimer. See other articles in PMC that cite the published bdr. BDD is often misdiagnosed as another disorder. Two weeks later, the instrument was again administered to the same patients by psychologist 1 only.


Body dysmorphic disorder, assessment, scales, measurement, severity. Cross-cultural adaptation and validation of health status measures.

Body image and body dysmorphic disorder. Ybocx against thoughts about the body defect 0. January 27, ; Accepted: It is not uncommon for patients to have both an eating disorder and BDD the latter focusing on concerns other than weight or body fat.

Diagnosis and Clinical Assessment in BDD – BDD

The risk ubocs suicide may be even ybosc than for individuals with major depressive disorder, anorexia nervosa, and bipolar disorder. All items favorably contributed to the internal consistency of the scale Table 1. One factor accounted for Body dysmorphic disorder should not be considered an exclusion criterion for cosmetic surgery.

However, if criteria for an eating disorder are not met, then BDD can be diagnosed, as concerns with fat or weight in a person of normal weight can be a symptom of BDD.

The questionnaire has 10 items and the range is 0 to In the study population, the prevalence of BDD symptoms was Archives of General Psychiatry.

Patients with mild to moderate body dysmorphic disorder may benefit from rhinoplasty.