‘Slota by rád oprášil Benešove dekréty’ [Slota Would Like to Renew Beneš Decrees]. March Vašečka, Michal. ‘Vzťah majoritnej populácie k Rómom’. Keď Benešove dekréty vytvorili možnosť presťahovať sa do Československa, bol Pitvaroš spomedzi slovenských obcí v Maďarsku prvý, ktorý sa v roku Citation Styles for “Slovensko a Benešove dekréty”. APA (6th ed.) Beňa, J. () . Slovensko a Benešove dekréty. Bratislava: Belimex.

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Although under Decrees 12 and confiscations were automatic on the basis of the decrees themselves, [24] Decree nationalization of large enterprises required a formal decision by the Minister of Industry. By using this site, bennesove agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Dobavljeno iz ” https: Ponovna uspostava regionalne i lokalne samouprave u formi prije okupacije.

Antisemitism and racism in Slovakia”. Abolition of the German University in Praguewhich had ceased functioning on 5 May due to the Prague uprising.


However, since the two countries were expected to become members of the European Union the issue was moot. Although the initiative was hoped benewove lead to a common memorandum about the limitation of mutual injustices, it did not have the expected result.

Archived from the original on The Czech judiciary thus provides protection extending beyond the standards of the Convention. Governmental authority to execute treaty of 29 Juneespecially concerning ability of people living in Carpathian Rutheania to opt for Czechoslovak citizenship, derogation of constitutional rights in breach of the treaty.

Occupation forces had established customs union between Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia and Germany and had dissolved Czech Financial Guard Slovakia had become independent state with its own Financial Guard. The committee found that Brokova was denied her right to equal protection under the law, in benesovs of article 26 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. Decrees concerning retribution incl. Minister of Nutrition may manage purchase, processing and use of goods in order to secure nutrition of population.


Where Germany, Hungary, or German or Hungarian corporations had obtained ownership by inscribing into the public registry anything that had previously belonged to Czechoslovakia, Czech lands or dekrett owned or administered by them, the original inscription was to be reinstated.

Administrative punishment for “improper behavior offending the national feelings of Czech or Slovak people leading to public indignation” in the time from 21 May to the end of up to one year imprisonment, fine. Czechoslovak citizens of German or Hungarian ethnicity who genesove gained German or Hungarian nationality, lost Czechoslovak the same day, others lost Czechoslovak nationality on the day of promulgation of the Act.

Confiscation of agricultural property owned by Germans and Hungarians, [2] notwithstanding citizenship, with exception of those who actively took part in the fight for preservation dekrehy liberation of the state traitors and enemies of the state, notwithstanding ethnicity and nationality corporations which had served German war effort or other fascist or Nazi efforts. Zabrana snimanja i javnog prikazivanja ukinuta je Imenski prostori Stranica Razgovor.

Concerns especially soldiers fighting with Czechoslovak army units abroad or partisans. The resolution commemorated the victims of World War II, refused the principle of collective guilt, expressed a desire to stop the reopening of topics related to World War II in the context of European integration and declared a wish to build good relationships with Slovakia’s neighbors.

Germans and Hungarians carried the burden of proof that they had remained loyal to the Republic unless they were members of the Czechoslovak army abroad or elected Czech or Slovak nationality during the occupation.

Dekret predsjednika o nekim mjerama o izdavanju javnih registara.

Concerns soldiers conscripted prior to the occupation or during occupation the latter especially in Slovakia. To the contrary, being the basic characteristic of the constitutional order, it has the effect that the constitutional principle of democratic legitimacy of the state order took precedence over the requirement of formal legal legitimacy in the Constitution.


SomeGermans, some anti-fascists exempted under the Decrees and others considered crucial to industry, remained in Czechoslovakia.

Promulgated on 22 February in London as No. Decree of the President concerning the change of the wage act of 24 June No.

Beneš decrees

As there was no way to summon the parliament in the exile, the only body with limited legislative power was genesove office of the president. Together with the other European states and their governments, ddkrety and unwilling to counter Nazi expansion from the very start, also the German nation is in the first line responsible for the inception and development of Nazism, although there were many Germans who had actively and bravely apposed it.

Interim National Assembly consisted of Czechs and Slovaks elected by electors, who had been elected by local National Committees. Nationalization of remaining property of: Annual wage of the Prime Minister The governments of Germany and the Czech Republic signed a declaration of mutual apology for wartime misdeeds in Presidential decree concerning the work duty of persons who have lost Czechoslovak citizenship.

Nationalization of shares of the banks, subject to remuneration under similar conditions to those in Act.

Slovensko a Benešove dekréty – Jozef Beňa – Google Books

Jews, former Czechoslovak legionaries in WW1masons, etc. Legal framework for measures for the “return of all areas of the Czechoslovak republic to the original Slavic inhabitants.

He then appointed members of the government-in-exile and the State Council.