From the author of the groundbreaking New York Times bestseller The Female Brain, here is the eagerly awaited follow-up book that demystifies the puzzling. Men and women are more alike than different, but vive la difference. ‘The Male Brain’ author Dr. Louann Brizendine talks to TIME about sex. The cover of “The Male Brain” by psychiatrist Louann Brizendine, known for her bestseller “The Female Brain.” REUTERS/Broadway Books.

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Male Brain Author Brizendine on Sex, Love, Why Men Cheat – TIME

Kind of interesting, but a little light on meaningful content. To ask other readers questions about The Male Brainplease sign up. In the section on middle-aged brlzendine life, a couple went for marriage counseling. Jan 12, Maria Ella rated it liked it Shelves: Sep 14, Sally rated it liked it.

But not this time.

The Male Brain by Louann Brizendine, M.D. | : Books

And click here to read Dr. I feel very strongly: Brizendine picks the examples that best illustrate her points or the stereotypes, when there are undoubtedly lots of counter-examples out there.

By adulthood, most men and women have learned to behave in a gender-appropriate manner. For my male brain, the organization made perfect sense, and I was easily able to sit down and read the entire book through in a couple of sittings.

Food aid stolen as Yemen starves. She would have none of that. I gave this book five stars due to the thoroughness of its coverage. It is great to read a book that is pages followed by another pages of notes, references and index, instead of the more typical book that rambles on for pages and doesn’t say much of anything. To me, these seemed like the kinds of feelings that make me feel so good that my life is kind of oriented around an addiction-like craving to activate these hormones.

For example, testosterone makes some men angry and violent. If we know how a biological brain state is guiding our impulses, we can choose how to act, or not act at all, rather than merely following our compulsions. What’s more, when faced with a loved one’s emotional distress, his brain area for problem solving and fixing the situation will immediately spark.


Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. Most important takeaway I’ll never use: It’s like sitting in a counseling session where you get all the rationale, but no solutions.

I think that this book, along with The Female Brain should be read by every parent, child, husband, wife, employer, employee, and dating age adult — they bring love and understanding into our most important, and sometimes most frustrating relationships. But differences in the way our brains are built shed light on everything from the way we flirt to the way we fight to how we raise our boys, says neuropsychiatrist Dr.

It isn’t groundbreaking, in that a lot of what it says comes as no surprise to women fact: I wouldn’t recommend this hte someone not married.

Also, the books sensitively and helpfully explain the biology of homosexuality. I read it as a man hoping to understand himself a little better.

Would have been great to read before I had kids. Are the miscommunications between men and women biologically based? So does that mean these hormones affect me in an atypical way? Customers who bought this item also bought. As such, even though most of what it says is based on sound science, the presentation makes the book very dangerous indeed. Over the years, as I have been writing this book and coming to a deeper understanding of the male brain, I have come to see the men I love most — my son, my husband and my father– in a new light.

It is found even in baby boys in small amounts but jumps rapidly to twenty times the original amount during adolescence and puberty and into adulthood. Of course, that’s assuming they are all independent; but even with realistic correlations, it’s easy to have a set of traits for which the bgain has each of them but only a minority has all of them.


Stay in Touch Sign up. I felt her info is msle of the line most recent but I would have appreciated less story telling and more down to earth basic information.

Louann Brizendine: ‘The Male Brain’

Trump says concrete border wall was ‘never abandoned,’ contradicting Kelly’s comments. Yet this means that there are deep differences, at the level of every cell, between the male and female brain.

LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices. Louann Brizendine walks her readers through the science behind the male brain in hopes that she helps her audience understand the teh brain “as the fine-tuned and complex instrument that it actually is,” as she writes in her book.

Trump’s wall pledge may not get expected results. By eight weeks after conception the tiny male testicles begin to produce enough testosterone to marinate the brain and fundamentally alter its structure. Mar 23, Pages Buy. Definitely recommend reading this alongside Brizendine’s complimentary book “The Female Brain”.

Then they switch into another system called the temporal parietal junction system, which allows them to start Google-searching their entire brain circuit for ways to fix the problem.

The Developing Mind, Second Edition: Faced with a personal problem, a man will use his analytical brain structures, not his emotional ones, to find a solution. Exploring the latest breakthroughs in male psychology and neurology with her trademark accessibility and candor, she reveals that the brixendine brain: She traces the male brain from inception to adulthood demystifying the inner workings of this brain machine, and providing knowledge and advice to parents and adults.