Project Gutenberg · 58, free ebooks · 3 by Georges Rodenbach. Bruges-la- morte by Georges Rodenbach. No cover available. Download. Buy Bruges-la-Morte by Georges Rodenbach, Alan Hollinghurst from Amazon’s Fiction Books Store. Everyday low prices on a huge range of new releases and. 3 / 1 / Georges Rodenbach, Bruges-la-Morte. James Elkins. This is the book most often taken as the starting point for novels illustrated with photographs.

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Bruges becomes the mute narrator and the ultimate protagonist of lq story, Hugues the mirror that refracts bruves to the reader and Jane, a grotesque object disguised as femme fatale that gives a Gothic touch to the outcome of the novel. This is a book which is not only richly, almost oppressively, atmospheric: During the last days of her illness, this sheaf had been braided into a long plait and Hugues rodebnach cut it off from rodenbxch recumbent corpse.

In uno stile che ricorda un po’ certi autori mittleleuropei e con un occhio al simbolismo francese Rodenbach ci accompagna per i vicoli di Bruges, ci fa respirare le sue nebbie, spiare tra i suoi canali mentre insegue l’eterno sogno del doppio.

This short novel bears a startling resemblance to Alfred Hitchcock’s film Vertigo and to the Boileau and Narcejac novel upon which it is based D’Entre les Morts. Hugues Viane has retired to Bruges after the death of his wife of ten years; five years later, he is still unable to put her memory to rest.

Questa particolare raffinatezza opera soprattutto in amore: Un bel romanzo dal gusto fumoso, una Brhges inquietante ed inquinata dal beghinaggio, infestata da manifestazioni religiose e da delatori bigotti che si nascondono in ogni quai, l’ennesimo fallimento di un Orfeo qualunque di ritrovare la propria Euridice.

He still felt her eyes on him, still sought after her voice, now fled to the far horizon. Indeed, he has sequestered himself in his home, erecting a shrine to his wife; in this room are gathered her portraits and various objects and trinkets, along with a tress of her hair which Viane has placed inside a glass box.

Perhaps he liked the way the second photograph revisits the first, in a more intensive fashion.

You are commenting using your WordPress. I was also impressed by how he worked his themes into the narrative, in a way that is touching and engaging without being too heavy-handed. Come molti hanno notato, tante sono le somiglianze con la storia di “Vertigo” di Alfred Hitchcock, a testimonianza dell’influsso che Bruges la morta ha avuto nel ‘ sia in letteratura, sia nella musica, sia nel cinema.


Sep 30, Eadweard rated it it was amazing Shelves: His house has become, in effect, a museum dedicated to her with the same furniture, the clothing, paintings, and — most highly prized of all — a braided blonde tress from her head.

Each town is a state of mind, a mood which, after only a short stay, communicates itself, spreads to us in an effluvium which impregnates us, which we absorb with the very air.

A The city is a character. This is what Rodenbach says, so it should be listed first. He even takes a trunk of old clothing to the apartment he has rented for Jane and tries to make her over in his wife’s image. Il apprend que c’est plutot Jane Scott une danseuse mais il refuse d’accepter que ce n’est pas sa femme.

View all 3 comments. When she appears at the window, the town is scandalized; and Hugues moete her back. More first person appears, I think, in photo no. Mi sorridono affettuosamente gli occhi, ogni volta che la guardo. It’s a vision that crops up everywhere in the works o I sometimes get the worrying feeling that nineteenth-century men preferred their women rodenbacn be dead than alive.

As my introductory para suggests, I find the general mindset a little problematic, but this is certainly a beautifully-written distillation of the theme. Rodenbach worked as a lawyer and journalist. Jul 15, Dolors rated it it was amazing Recommended to Dolors by: In my mind I thought I was paying tribute to her, and yet in reality I was doing her an injustice, reducing her to a single image, one that no one, not even she, ,orte have lived up to.

3 / 1 / Georges Rodenbach, Bruges-la-Morte – Writing with Images

Bruges-la-Morte is less than one hundred pages long, and so the author did not have much to work with, but I never stopped believing in Hugues; he, and his grief, always felt kosher to me. The point is underlined by the inclusion of a number of black-and-white photographs of the city, looking still and silent, and often including unidentified brugse. The first edition, pictured left and dating fromwas published by Babel.

This idea of the city having an emotional and psychological state of its own is also something Rodenbach explores in the short essay included rodenbqch the Dedalus edition, “The Death Throes of Towns. Oct rdenbach, Kobe Bryant rated it it was ok.


Just make sure you have a brisk walk afterwards. This has been corrected. All this set in a world where what is left out is as important as what is mentioned in constructing the febrile, tenuous, atmosphere so important in the telling of this tale. He spent the last ten years of his life in Paris as the correspondent of the Journal de Bruxelles, and was an intimate of Ed Georges Rodenbach was born in Tournai to a French mother and a German father from the Rhineland Andernach.

Brges in Vertigo when Madeleine Elster refuses to assume the persona that Scottie wants her to, Jane resists the transformation. He becomes obsessed with a young dancer whom he believes is the double of his beloved wife, leading him to psychological torment and humiliation, culminating in a dera Hugues Viane is a widower who has turned to the melancholy, decaying city of Bruges as the ideal location in which to mourn his wife and as a backdrop for the narcissistic wanderings of his disturbed spirit.

Inthe composer Erich Wolfgang Korngold used the novel as the basis for his opera Die tote Stadt. All we know about the house is its largeness and its gloom, housing him and his elderly female servant. Strangely enough, however, it does include eight pages of documents that are inserted, for some reason, in the middle of chapter four.

Bruges-la-morte by Georges Rodenbach

There is clearly a person at the lower right of the photo no. Only forty already we are stooped over in our shuffled downtrodden walk.

A slight amendment for you: Bruges-la-Morte is the apotheosis of this kind of preoccupation. He obsesses about her, pursues her, and eventually begins a relationship with her. He had thought long and hard about killing himself. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: