Casa de verano con piscina has ratings and reviews. Mandy said: I’ m not sure my rating is even what I want to give it, but it’s not a 5 and. Buy Casa de Verano Con Piscina 1ª ed. by Herman Koch (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible. Autor de gran renombre en los Países Bajos —su anterior novela, La cena, fue Libro del Año y ganó el Premio del Público de ese país—, Herman Koch vuelve.

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Am I going to laugh at ooch notion that people hate you, actually hate you for biological reasons beyond your control; oh hell yah. Challenged me to accept that adult women were actually attracted to this nasty man, or in the case of his own wife, loved him and had a relatively peaceful marriage. And then so many of his motivations, for the choices he makes and the actions he takes, while on this vacation are just skewed so far from what I would consider “normal” that it’s almost appalling.

Well the only thing this book has in common with Gone Girl is that the characters are all unlikable.

Casa de verano con piscina – Herman Koch – Google Books

This is a book you won’t forget. He fantasizes about pricking them with hepatitis A or aggravating cancerous growths with sloppy biopsies. Mar 07, Lisa B.

For example, at loot. Disappointed, I gave up on page There are plenty of other books. I had many issues with both the father and how Marc, the doctor The esteemed doctor in this book doesn’t take much time before he reveals his true self, his total disregard for his patients, and his self-centered disregard for those he is supposed to protect.


Casa de verano con piscina

Men look at women. I found the jumpy timeline poorly done. The summary also suggests that the rape is a catalyst for another event.

You can search out my one star virulent review for a few chuckles. Reserving a star rating until after the re-read Now, here is my problem with the application of homophobia and the victimization of women as it is applied to this book.

Indeed, how many authors present us with an entire cast veraano unlikeable characters? This one got past me and I really liked that I was taken by surprise. Then the unthinkable happens, and Julia is raped one night at the casq. I’m not sure why exactly this book didn’t click for me. He studied Russian Herman Koch is known as a television producer and a writer.

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Well, because it came recommended from two of my colleagues, and because there’s this hype surrounding it. My thanks to Crown Publishing for allowing me to read this in exchange for an unbiased review So this is what contemporary fiction is writing about these piwcina.

Naturally something goes terribly wrong there’s no question of this – the book begins with Ralph’s funeralbut to say much more would be spoiling everything.

He has just assisted in berano euthanasia death of one of his patients, the actor Ralph Meier, who had terminal cancer.

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We meet Marc Schlosser, the GP of our nightmares. My memory of the book was that Elementary Particles was a misanthropic bore.


The author gives a lot of detailed descriptions throughout the book. Nothing was connecting, the interactions seemed too removed from the death, and there wasn’t any hint of a plot to keep me wondering what would happen next.

One day, a famous actor named Ralph Meier shows up in his office and the two embark on an unlikely acquaintanceship—well, Ralph attempts to befriend the doctor, but Marc is more or less uninterested.

He provides a full twenty minutes to each patient, w So this is what contemporary fiction is writing about these days. This all happens on the coastline, with sand between their feet and the sound of rolling waves. Ralph, a famous stage actor I assume this means famous for the Netherlands, although he’s ready to break through becomes Marc’s patient and then, in one of the best portions of the book, meets Ralph’s wife and becomes enthralled mirrored by Ralph’s seeming interest in Caroline, Marc’s wife.

He is also not attractive.

The difference here is that while Gone Girl had a twisty plot that you wanted to see the despicable characters fall through, this book has no suspense.

There’s been a medical mistake, and famous actor Ralph Meier is now dead. What I’m asking myself now that I finished this book is: Knowing this and still finding comfort in his actions, Koch cements Marc as a sociopath, void of decency or regret.