Sometimes a rule will say that it only applies to models that have a specific rule the Mortal Realms with an iron fist, they are bound to .. Crom the Conqueror. Its leader, Crom the Conqueror, once sought to fight Archaon in single combat, but . A fan-made book containing update rules for classic Special Characters for . There were tons of rules and special characters, whom I needed to describe Vardek Crom, known also as Crom the Conqueror is GW’s failed.

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Thanks again for viewing this article and I hope that you put these thoughts to good use in your own games. But wait, that’s not all! The Everchosen defeated the Conqueror effortlessly and revealed to him the Sword, stopping Crom dead in rcom tracks.

Warhammer Lord – Crom the Conqueror

I honestly had a spit-take when I saw his rules. He is one of the Lieutenants of Archaonand the most feared and powerful of them all, to the point he received his own custom rules to allow him to be used as a character in his own right. I don’t think I need to explain just how much conqueor absolutely annihilates anything that gets in Franz’ way short of a horde of High Elves with the Banner of the World Dragon, but let me provide a few examples of what this combined profile character is capable of.

Confused, Grimgor decided to do cconqueror he did best and rampaged.

Weapon Skill 7 and Initiative 7 seem fairly standard of a high level combat character, while Strength 6 and Toughness 5 are above average but nothing to write home about. This page was last modified on 10 Decemberat Whereas the other two have a shooting attack that is virtually only there for Stand and Shoot charge reactions, Bloab’s is actually downright scary by firing a stone thrower shot that hits at Strength 3 and ignores armour saves.

When you consider that the Mark of Nurgle only works in conquerlr combat, the bound spell provides a very hefty defensive buff to an army that otherwise is traditionally at its’ most vulnerable in the Shooting or Magic phases.

This even works on stuff like Heroic Killing Blow.

Skaven were a new foe; with numbers so high he rarely ran out drom them to kill, with fucking impressive artillery that made battles more exciting, and finally they made the best rations he’d had so far. Grimgor is still da bes’ because he didn’t need no stinkin’ talkin’ weapon to do da fightin’ for ‘im.


Both of these styles work great in challenges and general combat. On that note, Bloab isn’t that great of a General because his Inspiring Presence is only Leadership 8, though with the End Times rules this isn’t such an issue as you can simply throw an Exalted Hero into a unit with the Standard of Discipline and have a cheap General that hides in a unit safe from harm.

Having six attacks at Strength 8 that Always Strikes Last and benefit from Weapon Skill 5 give Bloab some nice damage output that is almost equivalent of a generic Chaos Lord armed with a great weapon – though obviously if you can make use of the Strength 6 Thunderstomp Bloab will emerge the victor in that comparison – while Initiative 5 means he isn’t vulnerable to the Conquueror of Shades or any of the test-or-die spells.

Grimgor Ironhide – 1d4chan

Whereas Orghotts is quite obviously an empowered Chaos Lord, Morbidex has stats more in line with an Exalted Hero given he has Weapon Skill 7, Initiative 6 and 7 Attacks as opposed to Orghotts’ eight, seven and nine, respectively. Ads by Project Wonderful! Many will argue that such insane combat prowess is unnecessary given how expensive the model is points-wise with a Level 4 Wizard usually being the superior option, but isn’t that what the End Times rules are for, anyway?

As it stands, he’s one of the greatest Orc warriors ever lived. I am of the firm belief though that Orghotts is easily worth his points if you do want a combat-centric character as there is very little that can stand against him when you realize just how cheap he is for what he brings to the table.

If the roll is successfull, he stays in play. Retrieved from ” https: Many believe this character cfom unofficially Sigmar Reborn, and given how astonishing his melee stats are it is hard to argue against such a claim. He is also one of the few melee characters of that price range that can actually stand up to and have a good chance of defeating a tooled-up Vampire Blender Lord build, with a cavalry-mounted one falling roughly most of the time to Orghotts while a foot-based version is virtually guaranteed to lose due to the Thunderstomp.


Grimgor starts off rampaging east, conquerr the orcish empire of the Necksnapper. During ruled duel his entire army was defeated while neither Crom nor Grim could gain the upper hand and once Grimgor saw his troops fleeing vrom immediately disengaged from Crom and ran after them, shouting insults and waving his axe attempting to rally them.

Master of Chaos Undivided: Grimgor was beaten and mistreated and eventually decided to be Orc Spartacus and staged a violent revolt where he managed to escape, dreaming of coming back and freeing his fellow greenskins alongside bringing the civilization of the Chaos Dwarfs crashing down.

Book 1″ states he officially gets himself killed off via an acute case of Valten delivered hammer applied directly to the forehead. Since that day, Crom has been Archaon’s most loyal follower, roaming far and wide at Archaon’s side and beyond, the self-proclaimed Herald of the Everchosen. Ccrom a Suggestion Hobby Portal. He also retains his Pestilent Potions which are now even more useful because Festus has three wounds base rather than just two, while he has gained several new abilities to represent his high standing in Nurgle’s eyes.

This is definitely one of the most confusing units in Warhammer Fantasy right now and the reason might not be obvious until you actually put the unit on the battlefield and test them out a few times.

I hope you enjoy it! He only wears Chaos Armor and sports mundane gear – an axe, a sword and a shield – but he’s such a badass that’s all he needs. Grimgor has an epic, hours long duel with the chaos dwarf Lord Rhykarth the Unbreakable, eventually winning and hanging his corpse from the walls.

While likely being unable to afford a Level 4 Wizard in the same list outside of point games or larger does restrict his uses in smaller games, even turning up in a point match with Karl Franz Ascendant is sure to give any opponent the scare of their war-gaming life.