Hey all, Thought there might be some good ideas on here as I have been having troubles with a new campaign I’m looking to run with my group. This is a D20 Modern day campaign for shadow chasers. was contacted by a new “Free Agent” looking for another Shadow Chaser team. Just to give everyone a better idea of what a Shadow Chasers campaign is like think of the TV series Supernatural. This is a group that is going.

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Dak had a shocking experience at the airport drop and found himself in possession of a black pearl that helps with spell casting. Shadow Chasers 1st 1 other campaign in this setting. The group escaped through the swirling pool and found themselves above and behind the compound. This radio will pick up a song that is somehow related to the upcoming adventure. Test your speed and spelling! Adventures 6 and 7 Department 7 decided to send in agent Anistasia after the rather disconcerting call from Jason where he implicated the group in various crimes.

Looking to see if there’s any interest in playing a d20 Modern game, would be low magic, humans only starting at level one. At this point the cavalry arrived in the form of Anistasia, Allen, George, and a rather ravenous Jason. Tuesday, 16th July, Polyhedron also known as Dungeon contained a d20 Modern “update” of the Pulp Heroes mini-game. However, most people do not see these creatures for what they really are, seeing instead a vague approximation which is still plausible in that person’s beliefs about reality.

Filters It is recommended that you go into your preferences and increase your displayed links to Department 7 helped the group get an official interview at the Dinhcara group retreat in the Cohutta forest to see if the group could gather any information they did not already have on what the DRG Dinhcara Research Group was up to. As far as the group knows Sam did not make it out. I’m glad to be alive. Anastasia decided to end the debate and put a bullet in Jasons head cutting short his promising acting and cannibal careers.


This brewer has been making beers that are less than pure and both Shun and George have recently partaken in the poison Can’t read the text? If he leaves, the police will consider him the primary suspect. Join Date Jan Posts I just finished my first mission for Section 7 Department 7? I ended up speaking, reading and writing four additional languages just to burn some points.

We left the group as they had vanquished the bird woman when they were suddenly blanketed in fog Now, since we didn’t get past first level, it might be that later class features make up for the pitiful beginnings the Fast Hero does get Uncanny Dodge and Evasion as they advancebut it seems to me that this class was designed more for other characters to multi into in order to reap some benefits, but not one to take starting at 1st level.

Posted on August 16, Spirit in my House by Joey Ramone Menace: Heroes will operate under Department 7. The setting was a take off of anime mecha series, like Mobile Suit Gundam or Macross. Page 1 of 4. It’s a fact you’ve come to understand on a profound level.

D20 Modern Shadow Chasers -Monster Investigation : DnD

The PC can call the police and stay there, in which case they take him to the station for questioning. They would have to find its weakness, find out why it exists, maybe help it or destroy it. They were also reunited with Shun who had escaped movern police car captivity and followed the leader downstairs but could not get through the next portal so had been playing hide and go seek from the elemental for the last hour.


I don’t recall what the Dedicated Hero gets.

[d20 Modern] Shadow Chasers

Once through the group had to deal with more children of the earth. Sat Mar 29, 6: In d20 Modern each character is referred to as a hero. October 17, When discussing a specific edition, include the edition in the title or select the appropriate link-flair.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. As well, they open more options when choosing skills and higher Wealth bonus. The vehicle rules that were described in the game were also recommended for use with the previous d20 Modern mini-game preview Shadow Chasers Polyhedron I’m only being semi-facetious here, but since my GM pointed out that declaring a particular class “shafted” months ahead of the official release of the game might set some kind of record, I thought I’d toss this out for consideration.

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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The basic classes, feats, skills and equipment are covered here, though the Shadow Chasers book above has more feats and the Advanced Classes for this game.

Difficult to take down and can resist most sicknesses. Check out our Getting Started Guide!

Any time you intend to post any promotion, message the mods ahead of time. Sun Mar 30, It also defines the characters’ financial conditions, from being opulent to impoverishment.

I’ll take a swing at this. However, some Gamemasters GMs may have restrictions on certain advanced classes in moddern or her campaign. Sun Mar 30, 6: Throws off the players with a rather humorous tone while fighting near chasres enemies. You know it now.