Day of the Oprichnik has ratings and reviews. Hadrian said: Day of the Oprichnik is heavy and blunt, like the oak clubs of the secret police. Haunting, terrifying and hilarious, The Day of the Oprichnik is a dazzling novel and a fierce critique of life in the New Russia. Moscow (There is, I should say, an extended and rather well-done scene of vigorous ass- fucking in Day of the Oprichnik, as well. It an orgy in the truest.

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The narrative is ill-paced and chock-full of irrelevant oprichni, — for example, the details of fictitious trade agreements which have no bearing on the plot.

This book is just a day in Komiaga’s life in the higher echelons of the Oprichniks. I originally had such high hopes for this novel. Read most recent letters to the editor. It’s wise and profound. The oprichniks of the future ride through the Opruchnik traffic in their red Mercedovs in special lanes, their cars emitting a loud snarl to make traffic move over for them. Probably the best book about contemporary Russia, although I can’t imagine how it can be adequately translated.

But then I was introduced to Sorokin from the absolutely unexpected angle. Told in the classic sardonic tone of all good eastern bloc funny smart people. Among his most recent books are Sugar Kremlin and Day of the Oprichnik.

The author shows us aspects of the Russian character that are not usually known to outsiders, which makes this book endlessly fascinating. Walsingham during Elisabeth I basically introduced a police state in England.

“Day of the Oprichnik”: The fascinating world of Soviet science fiction |

That was his real crime. They own their yhe and they say each time: Sorokin delights in an Orwellian buggering of language, even italicizing the worst perversions of speech. And meanwhile the Chinese buy everyone.

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Just when it seemed as if Soviet SF might be gaining a faltering foothold in the consciousness of Western readers, the political empire collapsed, taking the Orpichnik cultural superstructure with it. Maybe one of my problems with this book is that the ultimate warning for Putinist Russia mimics too closely the message behind Bradbury’s Fahrenheita book I’ve always disliked.


While the humour and satire throughout this book is grotesque, this book is a perfect example of great contemporary Russian literature as well as a political critique. As with “Fahrenheit,” the transvaluation opprichnik values is so massively and convincingly portrayed that the topsy-turvy world of future Russia begins to assume a nightmare substantiality equal to our current milieu, casting off unborn shadow threateningly backward in time.

Dick proportions, tries to help repress a subversive storyteller, consults a psychic for His Majesty’s wife, and participates in a oprichinki orgy, among other sordid, frequently disturbing tasks.

Even the symbol of the oprichniki, the dreaded Mercedov, is made in China.

Their new found power lead massive corruption as there were no effective checks on the Oprichnina. He most notoriously had fun with a scene from his novel Blue Lardin which a clone of Khrushchev buggers a clone of Stalin, and which led to his being charged with distributing pornography.

And what if he is not alone, and, like it was in the times of Ivan Grozny, there are about 30 of them, and they plan to topple their monarch ady replace him with his cousin Vladimir Staritsky, and they do that funded and encouraged by the Poles? Aber er wird gottgleich verehert, zumindest von den Opritschniks. Can Americans, or anyone outside of Russia for that matter, take anything from this text and apply it within their own cultural and political systems?

Rusija tog doba je Rusija u potpunosti okrenuta pravoslavlju oprihnik tradicionalnim vrednostima. In the near future ? Each kiosk has to have two of each product so the people can choose.

In “Oprichnik,” it’s the yearand Russia has reinstated the Tsar and the royal family, withdrawn from contact with the West behind new barriers, ceded Siberia to the Chinese in exchange for favorable trade conditions, and, most crucially for our story, instituted a new internal security elite called the “oprichniks,” opprichnik whom our narrator, Komiaga, is one. In addition to enforcing the royal decrees, there are also the operations of the unit as what seems to be an organized crime family.

Was man an diesem Tag alles miterlebt ist grausam und absurd.

“Day of the Oprichnik”: The fascinating world of Soviet science fiction

Or, to put that more positively, that Russian readers or readers more well versed in the contemporary Russian scenewill get even more out of this. It is unfortunate, then, that in order to reach the clever bits, one must dig through a lot of muck.


His plan involved using commoners to police the nobility. What they’re allowed to do, oprichhnik their oppression works, etc. An interesting aspect of Komiaga’s voice, that happens also to be a translation question, is the use of italicized words throughout the text. I’ve been living in it for only seven months, yet it feels as though I was born and grew up there. Now, with the publication of two new translations of the remarkable work of Russian thf Vladimir Sorokin — jaunty, despairing, cynical, hopeful, traditional and postmodern by turns oprihcnik an even more explosive impact seems likely.

May 23, Tom rated it did not like it.

Sweeter than cutting off the heads of the enemies themselves. Lists with This Book. Using humor to nudge readers in the direction of uncomfortble truths?

Okay, we get it — Sorokin does not like the vector of Russian development as enforced by the government mind you — the book was written in Europe, overwrought with Muslims, is walled of and Mother Rus and ally China engage on the highest levels, altering each other’s language and customs to satisfy the bottom line and the approval of the Church Patriarch.

Special to The Globe and Mail.

Day of the Oprichnik – Vladimir Sorokin | Full Stop

Watch the praise, Tne. I know that Sorokin is outrageously talented in nearly any medium that includes the written word, but this seems excessive and detracting.

A scene where the torturers ady drugs via living fish injected into their veins recalls both Rudy Rucker’s drug Merge and Jeff Noon’s psychedelic feathers in Vurt.

Much of New Rus uses terms, measurmements, instruments from the reign of Ivan the Terrible. Join the discussion Cancel reply Enter your comment here Using humor to nudge readers in I guess this is supposed to have been funny, but it was mostly tedious, mostly a chore to get through, with the ostensibly funny parts being either kind of obvious one-note shallow satire ie- someone curses while yelling at someone else for cursingor totally reliant on eliciting visceral reactions.

Email required Address never made public. Sorokin is an excellent writer, though I recommend you read this Wikipedia entry before reading the novel.