decreto islr pdf Quote. Postby Just» Tue Aug 28, am. Looking for decreto islr pdf Will be grateful for any help! Top. View Notes – INSTRUCTIVO-ARIdocx from ISLR at ULA VE. la Ley de Impuesto sobre la Renta en materia de retenciones (Decreto , de fecha. Esta herramienta te permitirá determinar el calculo de impuesto sobre la renta conforme a las actividades señaladas en el Decreto This tool allows you to .

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Soil gas radon concentration across faults near CaracasVenezuela.

SSNTD were used across tectonic features of different degree of activity and lithology decreo four localities north of CaracasVenezuela. The homemade dosimeters with LR film were buried cm in the ground.

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This cheap and low- tech method proved very useful to understand the tectonic features involved, measuring higher Radon concentration above traces of active faults while in old and sealed faults the results only show the effect of the surrounding lithology. Radon concentration range is 4. Residential energy use and conservation in Venezuela: Results and implications of a household survey in Caracas.

This document presents the final report of a study of residential energy use in Caracasthe capital of Venezuela. It contains the findings of a household energy-use survey held in Caracas in and examines options for introducing energy conservation measures in the Venezuelan residential sector. Oil exports form the backbone of the Venezuelan economy.

Improving energy efficiency in Venezuela will help free decrero oil resources that can be sold to the rest of the world. Energy conservation will also contribute to a faster recovery of the economy by reducing the need for major investments in new energy facilities, allowing deceeto Venezuelan government to direct its financial investments towards other areas of development. Local environmental benefits will constitute an important additional by-product of implementing energy-efficiency policies in Venezuela.

The sector is characterized by decrto saturation levels of major appliances, inefficiency of appliances available in the market, and by careless patterns of energy use. Household energy use per capita average 6. To ensure the accomplishment of an energy-efficiency strategy, a concerted effort by energy users, manufacturers, utility companies, government agencies, and research institutions will be needed.

The Caracas Valley Venezuela as an epidemiological model. Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden.

Full Text Available The unprecedented emergence of important public health and veterinary zoonoses is usually a result of exponential population growth and globalization of human activities.

Socio-sanitary programs that include improvements in housing, vector control and access to medical treatment, as well as strategies aimed at combating social inequalities, poverty and underdevelopment should be undertaken in those areas where iislr are most prevalent. Disciplines such as Ecology, Epidemiology, Medical Entomology, Human and Veterinary Medicine, Environmental Studies, Public Health, Social and Political Studies, Immunology, Microbiology and Pharmacology, could all provide important contributions that aim to reduce the occurrence of factors governing the spread of emergent.

Some years ago a group of Latin American physicists took the initiative to consult about the viability of organizing a meeting on plasma physics for researchers and students of the region. The result was that it was not only a good idea, but a necessity in order to show and share everyone’s work, and to keep updated on latest advances and technologies on plasma physics. It was decided that for new researchers as well as students of Physics, it would prove to be the best way to keep them posted on such matters.

This was the birth of a series of meetings known as Latin American workshops on plasma physics that take place every two years in a different Latin American country. In Venezuela we have had the opportunity to organize two editions of this interesting and important reunion of physicists. The first of these Latin American workshops on plasma physics was held in Cambuquira Brazil in It was designed with a decretoo similar to the first edition. It developed in two stages, a first week devoted to short courses with lecturers in different fields of plasma physics and a second week for contributed and invited presentations.


Participants from sixteen different countries were present, half of them from this continent and the other half from overseas, demonstrating the international character of this meeting. There have been four more editions of the workshop and once again, we have had the opportunity to organize this latest edition of the series: Asthma is a significant public health problem in Venezuela affecting the predominantly urban and poor majority of the population.

Information regarding home and the social environment, key elements in asthma, is found to be deficient in these deprived socioeconomic sectors. This study was carried out to depict a life with asthma in this context which has been served over the years by a National Asthma Control Program. A survey of families residing in a socioeconomically deprived community of Caracas was carried out with the assumption that this community reflects the image of a life with asthma emanating from our deprived urban areas.

Home physical settings were inspected for the following items: The presence of people with asthma was observed and their status of control was assessed through the asthma control test ACT. Comparisons were made between families with asthmatics and those without asthmatics.

Randomly, of families No significant association was found with respect to the previously explored items in those families with or without the presence of asthmatics. Medically diagnosed asthma was found in Klebsiella pneumoniae carbapenemase KPC -producing bacteria are amongst the most important causative agents of decteto infections worldwide.

Isolates of this bacterium have been identified in Venezuela but little is known about their local spread. The aim of this study was to perform the molecular characterization of KPC-producing strains isolated from to in a public hospital in CaracasVenezuela.

Finally, conjugation and electroporation assays were used to determine whether the bla KPC genes were found in plasmids. All isolates contained the bla KPC-2 variant, and 21 of the 22 were associated with the Tnb isoform. The strains were decretp in 8 sequence types STthree of which were new. Conjugation and electroporation assays indicated that This study on circulating bacterial strains decreti the identification of KPC alleles may help to understand the routes of dissemination and control their spread within this hospital.

Estados Unidos y Venezuela: Full Text Available The author identifies Hugo Chavez’s electoral victory and the implementation of 1088 new type of democracy as two factors that transformed Venezuelan foreign policy, and decteto particular, the secreto relationship with the United States.

Chavez’s international activism, in addition to his Bolivarian policy signaled a shift from “safe partner” to “partner with reservations” in the country’s relations with Washington. Although Venezuela considered decrto a Latin American showcase in previous years, the text argues that Chavez’s populist tendencies, his critical posture towards the promotion of democracy and human rights, and his supposed links with Colombian guerrillas has led to a “wait-and-see” policy characterized by high levels of caution on the part of the United States.

Edificio Ince – Caracas Venezuela. Full Text Available This project includes a tall building, headquarters of the owning organisation, a four storey block, used for professional training purposes, and an auditorium.

In addition there is underground space used as car iskr, and a small plaza with gardens, meant as an open air exhibition space for sculptures. The structure of the buildings is reinforced concrete, and the curtain walls are of anodizod aluminium.

From January to Januarywe carried out a cross-sectional descriptive study to characterize the risky sexual behavior and attitudes towards people with HIV of adolescents from Parish 23 de Enero, Metropolitan District of Caracas.

Out of a universe of 1 adolescents, we selected a random sample of who were surveyed anonymously. Results showed the risky sexual behavior of the group of age 14 – Sexual practices trended towards negative evaluations. There is a correspondence between the evaluation of attitudes towards people with HIV and the individual sexual behavior of the adolescents.


Out of a universe of 1 adolescents, we selected a random sample of to be later surveyed anonymously.

Results showed early sexual relations, and an elevated number of STD’s diagnoses. Is,r group of age 14 – 17 was the most representative, with little information provided by the mass media, school, and family. An unfinished elementary education, an elevated intake of alcohol and tobacco, and lower stratum of society were predominant aspects.

Knowledge was mostly categorized as regular. Para estimar el efecto del confinamiento sobre isl comportamiento social de C. Se realizaron observaciones focales de cada individuo, barridos del grupo y observaciones ad libitum. El repertorio de conductas sociales fue uslr entre grupos y respecto a lo observado en condiciones naturales.

En los tres grupos hubo cierta estructura social relaciones de dominancia, afiliaciones y. Dos bancos en CaracasVenezuela. Full Text Available 1.

Three main zones can be differentiated in this building. The safety section strong rooms, control and vigilance of valuables, etc. These are located in the four top floors.

decreto 1808 islr pdf 2015

This bank is one of the most important new features of the city, and helps towards the formation of a civic centre, involving the National Financial Centre. In the second bank, the ground floor is taken up with public rooms and halls. The second floor contains the executive offices, and the remaining standard floors are available to let.

At the top of the building there is a staff club. Some of the main features of this block are the decrto use of the ground site, idlr plastic quality of the external surfaces, and the flexibility of the internal distribution. En este edificio podemos distinguir tres zonas principales: Comportamiento en las relaciones comerciales.

Novel approach for decentralized energy supply and energy storage of tall buildings in Latin America based on renewable energy sources: This paper analyzes the concept of a decentralized power system based on wind energy and a pumped hydro storage system in a tall building. The system reacts to the current paradigm of power outage in Latin American countries caused by infrastructure limitations and climate change, while it fosters the penetration of renewable energy sources RES for a more diversified and secure electricity supply.

The suitability, applicability and the impacts generated by such power system are furthermore discussed at economic, social and technical level. Modelo Crosscultural de Pasantias para Lideres de la Educacion: United States and Venezuela Cooperation.

Full text of “Journal of the British Archaeological Association”

A model was developed of an internship program designed to give valuable cross-cultural experience to school decrego in dscreto at universities in the United States and Venezuela.

A naturalistic approach was used to develop the model. Leading school administrators and educational leadership theorists in both countries were interviewed by…. The background notes by the U. State Department on Venezuela emphasize the unique economic conditions in this oil-rich nation, and include information on its people, geography, history, government politics, defense and foreign relations.

Venezuelalocated on the north coast of South America, has 17, people, growing at a rate of 2. Infant mortality is 2. Geography ranges from the scarcely populated highlands between the Orinoco river and Guyana, the Orinoco plains, to the populated Andes mountains and coast.

Literacy is a priority at Venezuela has a long history of self government, having become independent in