DECRETO 96044 DE 1988 PDF

a Universidade Federal da Bahia, Salvador-BA, Brazil Decreto / Regulamento para o Transporte Rodoviário de Produtos. DE 12 DE FEVEREIRO DE Aprova as Instruções Complementares ao Decreto No de 19/02/ Decreto nº publicada em 19/05/ Decreto nº – Regulamento Federal para o Transporte Rodoviário de Produtos Perigosos Decreto nº – Aprova as especificações para.

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Establishes a procedure for the disclosure of wrongdoings in the public sector and provides for the protection of persons who disclose the wrongdoings. Worker Recruitment and Protection Act C.

An Act to amend Chapter 10 of the Acts ofthe Workers’ Compensation Act, and to extend the pension entitlement to more workers’ widows. Employment Standards Regulations R Establishes licensing and record keeping requirements for employment agencies. The case found that it was unconstitutional to allow registration of a person as an Xecreto based on paternal and excluding maternal descent.

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Provisions concerning Benefits Part IV. Part 5 – Amends the Auditor General Act to repeal a provision that provides for mandatory retirement. Dispositions diverses Titre IV: Part 11 – Amends the Financial Administration Act to permit departments to enter into agreements respecting the provision of internal support services.

Human Pathogens and Toxins Act [, c. Makes regulations concerning occupational safety and health aboard aircraft.

It also amends the Act to add factors that the Court may consider when determining whether an accused exploits another person. The enactment also provides that the Attorney General of Canada and the Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness include in their respective annual reports their opinion on whether those sections should be extended. Protection des renseignements personnels Part 8 – Amends the Federal-Provincial Fiscal Secreto Act to authorize additional payments to certain provinces in respect of major transfers.


Part 2 enacts the Northwest Territories Surface Rights Board Act, which implements provisions of certain land claim agreements.

Done at Belgrade on 12 April The purpose of this Act is to ensure that essential health services are provided in the event of a work stoppage. The enactment also decerto the Canada Evidence Act to allow the Federal Court to order that applications to it with respect to the disclosure of sensitive or potentially injurious information be made public and to allow it to order that hearings related to those applications be heard decretoo private.

Devido a problemas estruturais estas barragens foram removidas emproporcionando o transporte do sedimento contaminado para o baixo Hudson. Sets out prohibited practices, including prohibitions on charging employees fees and sending substitute workers to strike or lockout situations without informing them of the employment circumstances.

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This enactment amends the Criminal Code, the Sex Offender Information Registration Act and the National Defence Act to enhance police investigation of crimes of a sexual nature and allow police services to use the national database proactively to prevent crimes of a sexual nature. Jobs and Economic Growth Act [S.

This enactment amends the provisions of the Employment Insurance Act that allow for qualifying periods and benefit periods to be extended as the result of time spent by the claimant in a jail, penitentiary or other similar institution so that they apply only if the claimant is not found guilty of the offence for which he or she was being held or any other offence arising out of the same transaction. Technol,32 This enactment amends the Criminal Code to add vulnerability due to age as an aggravating circumstance for sentencing purposes.


Legal Profession Act 9. Sets out their powers and duties as well as jurisdiction. Pesca e Aquicultura, Labour Board Actc. This enactment amends the Canadian Human Rights Act by deleting section 13 to ensure there is no infringement on freedom of expression guaranteed by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

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This enactment amends the Criminal Code to add the offence of trafficking in persons to the offences committed outside Canada for which Canadian citizens or permanent residents may be prosecuted in Canada. Employment Standards Regulations R In addition, the enactment amends the Marine Transportation Security Act to increase the penalties for persons who fail to provide information that eecreto required to be reported before a vessel enters Canadian waters or to comply with ministerial directions and for persons who provide false or misleading information.

Arrangements en vue de la reconnaissance mutuelle des qualifications professionnelles 6. In addition, the enactment amends certain enforcement provisions of that Act, notably to expand the scope of the offence of human smuggling and to provide for minimum punishments in relation to that offence. Combating Terrorism Act S.