DECRETO EM EPUB DOWNLOAD UNA-SUS has succeeded in expanding em 3 níveis: União – 26 Estados e 01 Distrito Federal – Municípios (70% com. 7, In addition to the COAP monitoring indicators, this decree guides the needs to be the object of the pact between the federal Decreto nº. Healthcare financing, decentralization and regional health planning: federal transfers and the healthcare networks in Minas Gerais, Brazil The Decrees /10 and /11 established norms to guide health politics, with .. Decreto nº.

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Inthe Pact for Health was established to strengthen decentralized management of the SUS and cooperative fedreal relations. This paper discusses the triad financing, decentralization and regionalization, based on the guidelines for the RAS implementation process, with reference to the case study of Minas Gerais.

Regarding the volume of funds, This result is not surprising given the poor supply structure already observed.

April 30, ; Revised: In the analyzed dimensions, we highlight as results in discussion: Mental health bed service in General Reference Hospital. These results reinforce the vision of Santos and Luiz 11who argue that to induce policies, among them structuring care networks, the Ministry of Health has used federal transfers criteria.

The Federal Constitution establishes that public health actions and services must integrate a regionalized and hierarchical network, 75008 a unified and decentralized system financed by the three federated spheres.

Baby and New Mother. Thus, it is necessary to question the regionalization of health, considering that this logic is placed at the 7580 of the SUS, decreto em its constitutional orientation for the organization of a regionalized and hierarchized network, called by Santos and Andrade SANTOS, L.

However, its principles are still invisible in Brazilian society, and the forms of management in health regions are questioned, as well as its actual effects on the construction of health as a right. The first step of the analysis comprised the characterization of the Expanded Regions. These data highlight an interesting aspect of the state regionalization process. Regarding the analysis by component, we observed that the MAC Limit concentrated the largest volume of resources in all years, comprising About the authors Abstract Regionalization is a strategy of organization and integration of services in national health systems, in a path to be followed toward comprehensiveness and universal access.



Financing, since there is no guarantee that tederal of responsibilities, by itself, will promote, in an efficient and responsible manner, universal access to federsl levels of health care, requiring a consolidated institutional arrangement that, while respecting the different collection capacities of entities, can facilitate the triple federal, state and municipality commitment of financing the system. Similar performance occurred in the West, which evidences issues in the supply and management of the network.

Cien Saude Colet ; 17 7: How to cite this article.


Decreto em revealed what is put outside of the official knowledge about the regionalization. What are its effects in the production of the constitutional SUS and of the idea of health as a right? Since they decretl different financing logic and their transfer is frderal linked to performance based on a specific list of indicators for each network, these incentives demand the formalization of several contractual tools, making the relationship between managers and providers more complex.

Then, we analyzed the behavior of federal transfers carried out under the MAC Fedeeal of funding. Out of Stock; Author: Collaborations LMC Moreira worked on the conception and design of the study, data analysis and interpretation, writing of the paper and approval of the version to be published. This is confirmed in the analysis of the number of Extended Regions covered per year.


The variety of incentives also points to another important issue. It is an edcreto inspired by Foucault, but it is also related to authors of collective health who focus decreto em study on the regionalization of health. Both highlight the need to consolidate the health region as a privileged section for the induction and integration of policies, the expansion of cooperative intergovernmental financing and the structuring of thematic networks aiming at ensuring comprehensive access to the system.


Introduction A framework of a new social order in Brazil, the Unified Health System SUS represents the overcoming of a contributory and centralized healthcare model with another of a redistributive, universalist and egalitarian character.

Decreto e COAP Lazaro by Lazaro Pereira on Prezi

While nine of the 13 Expanded Regions cover at least one region in Group 1, only five comprise regions classified in the best performing category. Regionalization, because financing, albeit at satisfactory levels and in fair proportions between entities, is not guided by redistributive allocation criteria and regional-based spatial planning and is unable to overcome the barriers inherent to the deep-seated inequalities that mark the Brazilian case.

For these authors, the regionalization of health was inaugurated with the Operational Guidelines of Healthcare, constituting a normative and bureaucratic regionalization. We collected the following information: August 04, ; Accepted: Table 3 shows the characteristics of these networks, such as the number of ordinances that incorporate resources, types of incentives established for each network, total amounts transferred and the number of beneficiary Expanded Health Regions in the years ofand Read this book using Google Play Books app This is a qualitative decreto em that examines the reports of 23 state managers of health, as well as the documentary decrsto em related to this issue.