Please read these instructions carefully before attempting to rebuild your carburetor. Listed below are parts and accessories available from Edelbrock that will simplify your rebuild or tune-up. Gasket Kit for #, #, #, # DESCRIPTION: Edelbrock Performer Series carburetors have been calibrated, factory flow-tested, and see the accompanying carburetor Owner’s Manual. Edelbrock Serries manuals and user guides for free. Read online or download in PDF without registration.

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The with electric choke is tuned by Edelbrock for fuel economy. But this doesn’t solve the problem either, welcome to the bizarre world of tuning the carb. Long edelbrpck short, this is the wrong direction.

Edelbrock Performer 1406 Manuals

I have bought and used the tuning kit and had basically edelbrcok to copy theand found out as you it mwnual quite that simple. It will teach you how to service the carb. That said, I never was able to edelvrock the WOT tuned on it. I think Edlebrock says no more than 5. The book that comes with the carb makes it pretty clear.

Does anyone have pictures of how they routed a braided line or rubber line from the pump to the carb to give me some ideas. I don’t think the is too lean for a performance small-block. I would also install a pressure gauge as well.

Items you will need Standard screwdriver Vehicle’s specifications manual. A quality item for sure! Great write-up PaceFever79, maybe that explains why my car ran better and was easier to tune after switching from a to a ! After setting the idle a little faster about RPM on the original tach she ran great!! I have a just the way it came out of 11406 box. In both cases, the mixture curve went so rich in the midrange, you could tell when it started to lean back out, ’cause the car would start to go again.


Last edited by grtskydog; at Adjust the idle speed screw until the desired idle speed is reached, as noted by the vehicle’s tachometer. No wonder my car flooded when it was warm. Which gave me confidence to share this revelation with you.

Rod changes are super easy! Lower the engine’s idle speed to the desired level by turning the idle speed screw in a counterclockwise direction if the idle speed has increased by more than 40 RPM. That is the fun of hot rodding. Set your accelerator pump back to the stock middle position. Your stock is jetted 4 steps lean in cruise, and is still 3 steps leaner than the even after going 1 step rich!

The fdelbrock is the stock carb is jetted so lean that you are starting from a whacked benchmark, so even the chart is misleading.

Edelbrock Serries manuals

You can download the manual from the Edelbrock site. Set your mixture screws to 2 turns out this is a good starting edelbrrock Start the car and adjust the idle stop until you get it to idle between RPM With the air cleaner on, adjust the mixture screws until the RPM drops 50 don’t use a vacuum gauge.

I could always use a few more ponies! John Stevens has been a writer for various websites since Lower the engine’s idle speed to the edebrock level by turning the idle speed screw in a counterclockwise direction.

You can change the jets with the carb on the car, it’s one of the best features of the Edelbrock carb. I am running a stock fuel pump so my pressure isnt shooting past the needle and seat I hope. Stevens is a lawyer and licensed real-estate broker.


Turn the screw in a clockwise direction with a eeelbrock screwdriver to increase the engine speed, and in a counterclockwise direction to decrease the engine speed. No wonder your motor is running like crap? Wow, thanks for the post and the trouble of putting that up.

Trouble Tuning the Edelbrock Performer Carb? Read On

The new solved my hard starting after 14406 hot 4106 I am having smelly gas issues. That’s extremely lean in the cruise mode and can cause hesitation or a stumble as it transitions to power mode.

Next logical step is to adjust the metering rod mixture. It gets the problem if it sits awhile after running then I try to start it. It really is a set-it-forget it deal. I just put a new on my car.

The throttle linkage is located on the driver’s side of the carburetor. The old built in ’96 was seeing signs of age, plus when I took it apart the floats were all outta wack. Last edited by PaceFever79; at manua The idle speed screw is a standard screw located on the front of the bottom of the throttle linkage.

When I went down to the it was WAY fat, but I was very pleased with the customer service from Edelbrock’s web site, they were spot on for the jet and rod sizes.