The story of Egil Skallagrimsson, the son of bald (”skalla”) Grimr, he was a real person, the details of his life come to us from saga and song. We mainly know of Egil through an Icelandic saga bearing his name, Egil’s Saga, again one of the very finest of the sagas. His family, like very many described. Egil’s Saga (listen) is an Icelandic saga. The oldest transcript (a fragment) dates back to AD. The saga is centered on the life of Egill Skallagrímsson, also.

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She was sprinkled with water, and named Asgerdr. You gotta like this guy, flawed though he is. Great names and character descriptions including one footnoted king reportedly known for his political brilliance, paganism and lechery.

Egil’s saga (13th century)

Fell’s end-notes supply a considerable amount of information, concisely expressed, on such things as medieval Scandinavian law and custom, making connections for the modern reader which would have been obvious for a medieval Icelander. But king Hrollaug sank from royalty to earldom, giving up his kingdom and becoming a vassal of Harold.

From here on I am not going to be that concerned with history except as filtered either by this writer or by Egil himself. The skull was an exceptionally large one and its weight was even more remarkable. And in the summer they went a-freebooting eastwards, xaga came home in the autumn, having won much wealth.

Egil’s saga (13th century) | Books & Boots

Skallagrimson parting with Skallagrim, Aulvir said:. Purchased at Eymundsson Bookshop in Reykjavik. Egil’s son Thorstein has many feuds with Steinar, son of Onund Sjondi, over land and cattle grazing.

Then Thorolf told Sigurd what had been the covenant between him and Bard before he died, and he declared also the orders of the king, how he would have all this hold good, and this he showed by the tokens. Egil accepted with a poem, and continued to compose and recite insulting poetry as skallargimsson fought. Actually I jumped ahead a bit.


Tall he was and strong, yet not so much so as his father. He went out of the yard, and found a draught horse of Skallagrim’s, got on its back and rode after Skallagrim’s party. It reads as if it is being told now. Egil is a brave, homicidal maniac; he drinks alcohol at the age of three, kills a kid who beat him at sport at age seven, is moody and vengeful, dangerous and unpredictable, is a poet who laments the death of his son with heartrending verse, and who calls is as it is even in the face of the skallagirmsson.

Kveldulf said, ‘My foreboding is that I and my sons shall get no luck from this king: It’s the first skallagimsson I read. The king sakllagrimsson some to make proclamation at the door, bidding women, children, old men, thralls, and bondmen to come out.

But Thorgils and his comrades got conveyance, and went to Etil and his son, and told of the misadventure of their voyage, yet were they well received. Who beat and blazed Your trail of red, Till Odin gazed Upon the dead. Egil arrives late by a poor route due to an unrelated conspiracy by some fellow travellers, and asks to spend the night.

SFH03 Egil Skallagrimsson

It is not an altogether easy question to answer, for unlike sagz of the peoples they traumatized they were still pagan in the early stages of their story and therefore to all intents and purposes illiterate–in the Europe of the early Middle Ages writing was an accomplishment that came with Christianity.


Bjorn was with Skallagrim for yet a third winter.

The Vinland Sagas Penguin Classics. What comes through is not just violence, drinking, and fighting over property, although there is certainly a lot of that. King Harold went that summer to Upland, and in the autumn westwards to Valres, and as far as Vors.

But they were also always getting in trouble with the kings Tolkein stole the part where there’s an ambush in the forrest and the two paths, one safe but slow, the other fast but dangerous. It was found that more had leapt overboard, and so perished, than had fallen on the ship.

May 28, Sarah rated it really liked it Shelves: Young Egil, seeking adventure, becomes a Viking marauder and has a profitable life of raiding and robbing along the English and Norwegian coasts, earning the loyalty of the English king but further enraging the Norwegian one.

The night was then light enough for travel. Thus I vanquished the beast. But when Skallagrim heard of Yngvar’s coming, he at once went to meet him and bade him to his house with as many men as he would. Say you this to the king, that I will be his friend, and will keep to his friendship all who heed my words; I will also hold the same rule and authority from his hand that I held before from the former king, if he will that it continue so still, and I will see how I and the king agree.

This is the oldest and most boring thing I have ever read.