The Rising is the first book in a series of zombie-themed horror novels written by author Brian Keene. This title won the Bram Stoker Award for Best First Novel in. el alzamiento brian keene – Buscar con Google. Discover ideas about Book 1. El Alzamiento o The Rising (Brian Keene) novelas zombies. Book 1Book Club. Anibal libros para todos: El alzamiento — Brian Keene.

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The amount of typos and the atrocious grammar was shocking. Your prose can also benefit by not using the word “again” or any word, really again and again t. Your prose can also benefit by not using the word “again” or any word, really again and again three times in a single sentence. With books like there it isn’t surprising that western society is inadequately literate. The zombies are supposed to be intelligent yet act like hyper teenage boys who make absurd decisions that do little in advancing their cause.

Kind of like some of our modern cults, Alzamento suppose. Moreover, Keene appears uncertain as to the extent of the epidemic.

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If you plan to read this book, keep your eyes out for this. Maybe he clears this up in its sequel?

And as mentioned in other reviews here, the dialogue is bad. Finally, I was troubled by the amount of emphasis on rape in the book. Maybe one brief instance to illustrate the morally decayed post-epidemic world, but not again and again. That was only twice.

El alzamiento

It is just inappropriate. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Oeene and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Return to Book Page. Preview — The Rising by Brian Keene. Nothing stays dead for long. The dead are returning to life, intelligent, determined…and very hungry. Escape seems impossible for Jim Thurmond, one of the few left alive in this nightmare world. Despite astronomical odds, Jim vows to find him—or die trying.

Joined by an elderly preacher, a guilt-r Nothing stays dead for long. Joined by an elderly preacher, a guilt-ridden scientist and an ex-prostitute, Jim sets out on a cross-country rescue mission. Together they must battle both the living and the alzamiiento dead…and the even greater evil that awaits them at the end of their journey.

Paperbackpages. Published January 1st by Leisure Books first published Jim UptonRev. MartinFrankieDannyBaker.

The Rising (The Rising #1) by Brian Keene

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about The Risingplease sign up. What you think about the ending? Ross Drew This answer contains spoilers… view spoiler alzamietno Terrible ending, good book. It opens with “is his son ok? Making the reader invest and using it to sell another book.


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See 2 questions about The Rising…. Lists with This Book. The shit has hit the fan and the dead walk the earth! Survivors wander around, staying one step ahead of the undead hordes and struggling to survive. Rogue military units are on patrol, rounding up alzamiwnto. I’m a zombie fan from way back.

My favorite movie as a teenager was the Night of the Living Dead remake. I have the Return of the Living Dead soundtrack on vinyl I can smell your brains! About fifteen years ago, I kind of fell out of zombie fandom since it felt like it had all been done many, many times.

However, in recent weeks we’ve dusted off the Zombies!!! This hit the spot like some nice warm brains.

The cause of the zombie plague this time was the government mucking with the barriers between dimensions. Now, everything with a brain gets reanimated upon death AND retains some of its own knowledge. The zombies in The Rising can use guns and drive as well as munch human flesh. I like my zombies slow, dumb, and numerous.

However, these zombies wound up being very scary. The gore and violence level is pretty high. People get chomped quite a bit and there are headshots galore. The zombie animals are no picnic either. Swarms of zombie birds are nothing to scoff at, not even in a helicopter. The different viewpoint characters are what set this apart from being a typical zombie killfest.

I felt for Jim’s plight, even though I was pretty sure he’d get Cujo-ed at the end. Frankie was a born survivor. I was pretty sure she’d live through it. Baker’s relationship with Worm was touching so I knew the emotional wringer was coming my way.

While I was disgusted by the national guard unit led by Schow, I had no trouble believing in it. There were a lot of memorable, inventive scenes in this book. The Rising was harder to put down than a shotgun during a zombie apocalypse. Five out of five stars. View all 15 comments. It didn’t take long to make my way through this zombie filled wasteland of a book.

Humans, whether they still be humans or be they zombiesare not the only monsters here. I loved the originality of this story. I can’t get into the specifics of it without spoilers, but some of the things imagined and written about in The Rising have still not been done in other zombie books or movies. I really felt something for a few of these characters too. The author pretty much put everyone a 3. The author pretty much put everyone and everything at risk, so I had no idea what might happen to these people; there was no safe feeling like some books provide you, where you know the good guy will win in the end.


What I did not like is a short list and here it is: The narrator and the fate of most of the female characters. First, the narrator had a fine voice but he mispronounced some words, brackish is not brake-ishand his tone of voice was often off.

Obviously, the tone thing is a personal opinion, while the mispronounciations are not. Second, I’ve been a horror fan for a long, long time and I’m quite used to the treatment of women in horror stories being less than stellar. I also understand that a female, or male protagonist for that matter, has to be put into positions where the reader can root for her or him. However, what happened to the women here bothered me a bit more than usual.

Perhaps, because the descriptions were graphic? But I’ve read Laymon, Barker and even some Lee and none of those bothered me. Maybe it’s because I’m getting older and my tolerance for that type of behavior, even in books, has now dwindled down to nothing? Even if I can’t quite put my finger on it, it bothered me, so that’s that. Overall, I enjoyed this book!

The originality of it was mind-blowing, and it must have been the horror book of ALL horror books when it originally came out back in I do plan on reading the sequel, City of the Dead, but I’m going to do just that-read it, instead of listening, because the narration of this one did diminish my enjoyment a little bit.

View all 31 comments. Oct 15, CasualDebris rated it did not like it Shelves: There are too many things wrong with this book. Despite some original ideas and a few worthy tense moments, it is most of the time laughably bad, and embarrassingly badly written. Your prose can also benefit by not using the word “again” or any word, really again and again t There are too many things wrong with this book.

These Zombies are controlled by a demon like entity that has an intelligence and the wherewithal of the previous host but there’s a controlling hierarchy with a definitive means to an end yours. The only major difference in Zombie fiction is the characters, most of its been done before countless times, if the characters are worth reading about then you feel like you haven’t completely wasted your time. Thankfully this was a refreshing change, a scream inducing cliff hanger of an ending coupled with characters that I actually gave a shit about and Zombie animals, even your friendly pet can take a chunk out of your leg.

Best idea, blow its fucking head off before it turns and stick it on the barbecue.