Read the latest magazines about Yetzirah and discover magazines on Yumpu. com. El SEPHER YETZIRAH en Español y · felizond. El SEPHER. Podemos entender como los poetas de la literatura Hebrea cuando se en su Libro el Sefer Yetzirah, denominada El Nombre de Dios en Hebreo, esta. Manuscritos Hebreos y Arameos de la Biblia (Rome, ), pp. This device was apparently also used by Saadia Gaon in his commentary on Sefer Yetzirah, p.

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These divisions correspond to Jewish concepts such as the 3 letters making up God’s name yudheand vavthe 7 days of the Jewish week, the 12 tribes of Israeland the 12 months of the Hebrew calendaras well as to early “scientific” or philosophical ideas such as the 4 elements fire, water, air, earththe 7 planets10 directions, the 12 zodiacal constellations, various human physical functions, and a list of the parts of the human body.

Selective influence on Western thought.

In addition to these two principal recensions of the text, both versions contain a number of variant readings which have not yet been examined critically. Retrieved from ” https: The water formed the earth; heaven was produced from the fire; and the ruach produced the air between heaven and earth.

Mainstream displacement of rationalism with Kabbalah.

Sefer Yetzirah – Wikipedia

Both the macrocosm the universe and the microcosm man are viewed in this system as products of the combination and permutation of these mystic characters, [12] and such a use of the letters by the Jews for the formation of the Holy Name for thaumaturgical purposes is attested by magic papyri that quote an “Angelic Book of Moses,” which was full of allusions to biblical names.

It may even be said that this work had a greater influence on the development of the Jewish mind than almost any other book after the completion of the Talmud. Thus in the three prototypes of creation the contrasting elements fire and water are equalized by air; corresponding to this are the three “mothers” among the letters, the mute Mem contrasting with the hissing Shin, and both being equalized by Aleph.


Sefer Yetzirah is similar to various Gnostic systems. The date and origin of the book can not be definitely determined so long as there is no critical text of it. Isaiah Horowitz Abraham Azulai. The seven double letters produced the seven planets, the “seven days,” and the seven apertures in ssepher two eyes, two ears, two nostrils, and one mouth.

The philological is discussed first, since it is necessary for an elucidation of the philosophical speculations of sepger work. Part of a series on Kabbalah Concepts. God’s covenant with Abraham is described esaol being two-fold:. Wikisource has original text related to this article: The remaining six Sefirotor the limitations of space by the three dimensions in a twofold direction, are also found in the Clementina, where God is described as the boundary of the universe and as the source of the six infinite dimensions.

The Quran speaks of a holy book by the name of the Scrolls of Abraham which translates to the scrolls of Abraham. By thirty-two mysterious paths of wisdom Jah has engraved [all things], [who is] the Lord of hosts, the God of Israel, the living God, the Almighty God, He that is uplifted and exalted, He that Dwells forever, and whose Hebrep is holy; having created His world by three [derivatives] of [the Hebrew root-word] s e f a r: Hence these organs are subject to the influence of the planets, the right eye being under Saturn, the left eye under Jupiter, and the like.

The book teaches that man is a free moral agent, and therefore a person is rewarded or punished for his or her actions. By means of these elements the ydtzirah creation of the world took place, and the ten Sefirotwhich before this had only depher ideal existence, became realities.


To harmonize the biblical statement of the creation ” ex nihilo ” with the doctrine of the primordial elements, the Sefer Yetzirah assumes a double creation, one ideal and hebero other real.

File:Resumen Sefer Yetzirah.jpg

Again, as the numbers from two to ten are derived from the number one, so the ten Sefirot are derived from one “their end is fixed in their beginning, as the flame is bound to the coal” i. Hebrew Wikisource has original text related to this article: Sefer Yetzirah’ s appendix vi. Modern scholars have not reached consensus on the question of its origins. eespaol

The ascription of its authorship to the biblical patriarch Abraham shows the high esteem which it enjoyed for centuries. The letters are neither independent substances nor yet as mere forms.

The Sefer Yetzirah is exceedingly difficult to understand on account of its obscure style. Besides these abstract ten Sefirotwhich are conceived only ideally, the twenty-two letters of the alphabet produced the material world, for they are real, and are the formative powers of all existence and development.

Archived from the original PDF on The Sefer Yetzirah shows how the sephirot are a creation of God and the will of God in its varied manifestations. The last sentence describes how God “connects” the 22 letters of the Torah to Abraham’s tongue, sepyer reveals its secret to Abraham.

According to Rabbi Saadia Gaonthe objective of the book’s author was to convey in writing how the things of our universe came into existence.