Eletronica de potencia: conversores duais, cicloconversores, gradadores, comandos, retificadores. Front Cover. Ivo Barbi. Ed. da UFSC, – pages. Ivo Barbi. Federal University of Santa Catarina – Department of Automation and Systems. No verified email – Eletrônica de potência. I Barbi. Ed. do Autor, Electrónica de potencia Circuitos, dispositivos y aplicaciones – Muhammad Eletronica de Potencia – Ashfaq Ahmed Ivo Barbi – Eletronica de Potencia.

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Skip to main content. Log In Lotencia Up. Unlike the cascaded H-bridge inverter, this topology is based Ro Resistive load. A detailed analysis of the structure and the development Lo Inductive load. Simulations and experimental results for a kW three-phase system, with nine voltage levels, validate the study presented. They are considered an attractive alternative in order to reduce switch stress.

The main charac- pulsewidth modulation PWM. CHB [12], neutral point clamped [13], and flying capac- nP Number of voltage levels from phase-to-neutral itor [14].

It is composed of multiple units of single- Vdc Isolated dc voltage source. The inverter dc bus voltage inverter leg, disconsidering the harmonics.

Eletrônica de Potência – Ivo Barbi

The dc supplies are inverter leg, disconsidering the harmonics. The H-bridge cells are usually connected in cascade on M Index of modulation. Cascaded multilevel inverters have been developed to use mf Frequency modulation index. Manuscript received March 16, ; revised July 15, and October 26, An alternative three-phase cascaded multilevel inverter ; accepted December 31, Date of ivl February 18, ; topology is proposed in this paper. It uses power cells con- date of current version July 14, This work was supported in part by the nected in cascade using two inverter legs in series, instead Federal University of Santa Catarina, by Coordenacao de Aperfeicoamento de Pessoal de Nivel Superior, and by Instituto de Eletronica de Potencia.

The analysis of the load voltage, for forecasting Engineering, Barbl University of Santa Catarina, Florianopolis, the resulting harmonic spectrum, is also presented. The proposed three-phase multilevel inverter is shown in Digital Object Identifier Per-phase diagram of power cells in cascade.

Thus, by connecting the power cells in cascade Fig. The maximum numbers of voltage levels of the line-to-line Fig. By con- struction, the number of voltage levels for this topology is always odd. To understand how each inverter leg potenccia be connected, a detailed analysis of the output voltage of the inverter leg is necessary. The The resulting output voltage of each inverter leg can be de- load can be connected in delta or wye.

Thus, the phase-to-neutral voltage vAN in plementary way, is shown in Fig. Bbarbi power cell is this inverter will also present an average dc value.

Although composed of two inverter legs with the connections defined in the line-to-line output voltage does not present this average Fig. Therefore, when the inverter legs are levels: Similarly, in the phase-to-neutral voltage vAN is cancelled. All the triangular carriers have the same frequency and the same peak- to-peak amplitude and phase shift between two adjacent car- rier waves to increase harmonic cancellation.


Only the upper switch-gate signals for one phase are shown in Fig. To obtain the switch-gate signals, a comparison between the triangular carriers and the modulator is carried out as shown in In Fig. The resultant signal will be high when the instantaneous sented. All comparators share the same modulator waveform, value of the sinusoidal wave exceeds the triangular carrier; and each unipolar triangular carrier has a shift determined otherwise, it will be low.

The duration of each pulsewidth in by These one used in CHB multilevel inverters [21], [22]. In the phase-shifted multicarrier modulation, The carrier waveforms employed in this modulation tech- all the triangular carriers have the same frequency and the same nique are usually triangular or sawtooth.

In this paper, the trian- peak-to-peak amplitude, with a phase shift between any two gular unipolar format was used because it reduces the harmonic adjacent elftronica waves also defined by However, the phase content when compared with the sawtooth carrier [21].

This alters the analytical expressions for the instantaneous phase-to-neutral pulsewidths, changing the output voltage amplitude. Thus, the voltage By means of these equations, it is possible to forecast the harmonics will also be multiplied by 2Nc.

Hence, once the magnitude of every harmonic, and thus, the output filter can number of power cells is defined, it is possible to determine be easily designed, if it harbi necessary.

By using the time-domain data generated by 12each Equations 11 and 12 are represented in a graphical form desired harmonic component can be calculated through fast in Fig. Once the harmonics frequency of 60 Hz, and an rms fundamental output voltage of are obtained, the total harmonic distortion THD can also be V, generating a line-to-line output voltage with nine levels calculated using and a phase-to-neutral voltage with five levels. Implemented ptoencia multilevel inverter.

The converter is supplied by the power grid V and 60 Hz. Numerical simulation waveforms obtained through PSIM software. It can be observed that the To obtain leetronica levels in the eletronkca voltage, according to 1it voltage harmonics are multiplied by 2Nc. A requiring a total of six power cells in eletronoca three-phase system. The amplitude of each isolated source has the value of V Similar results for the harmonic spectrum and THD can be and will supply a power ve 1. Consequently, each voltage found in CHB multilevel inverters, using the same modulation step has a value of V.

As a result, the load voltage will reach strategy. A pulse rectifier was from the CHB inverter [22], do not present relevant differences used in each cell to obtain a better performance. The line-to-line voltage vAB reached a maximum value of IV. The rms line- A kW three-phase multilevel inverter was implemented to-line voltage reached a value of approximately V with an using an inductive—resistive load potencka power factor of rms current of 6. Prototype of a kW multilevel inverter with nine levels in the output voltage.


The photograph shows the 1 transformers, 2 commutation cells and Fig. Voltage vAN and current iAN in the phase. Load voltage vAB and current iAB. Each step has a value of V reaching V.

The current presents a sinusoidal format, with a peak value of approxi- mately 10 Narbi and a frequency of 60 Hz. The average dc voltage in this figure is zero and the peak voltage does not cross the maximum phase voltage represented by Nc Vdc Min accor- dance with 8because of the connection done in Fig.

Although the output voltage is high, the maximum voltage over the switches has a value of V. The maximum current value in the switches is approximately The waveforms for all the inverter switches have the same format, however, with the Fig. Harmonic spectrum of the line-to-line output voltage vAB.

The voltage and current on one of the dc links are shown similar to those observed in the theoretical Fig.

Ned Mohan – Eletrnica de Potncia – [PDF Document]

It can be observed that the undesirable small ripple. The inverter is composed of 12 isolated continuous voltage harmonics were multiplied by 2Ncagreeing with Voltage and current in the switches.

Similar results are obtained by using numerical simulations PSIM software. Harmonic spectrum for the proposed topology was defined by 12and an equivalent illustration for CHB multilevel inverters, using PWM phase-shifted multicarrier modulation, can be found in [22], showing the similarity between them.

The applied PWM phase-shifted multicarrier modulation technique shows satisfactory performance. Analytical equations for line-to-line and phase-to-neutral output voltages were developed. Once the number of power Fig. Voltage and current in the isolated source Vdc. The main difference between the proposed topology and a A comparison between the proposed topology and the CHB CHB inverter is the way how the inverter legs are connected.

The PWM phase-shifted multicarrier modulation technique Appl. Wheeler, and Brazil, in He received the B. He is currently working [12] R. Patent Number 3toward the Ph. Technology, Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

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Patent Number 4His research interests include multilevel inverters May 26, Meeting,degrees in electrical engineering from the Federal vol. Variable Speed Drives Conf. Remember me on this computer. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Click here to sign up. Help Center Find new research papers in: