There he appears to honor the dying Rachel, where he tells her the story written in “The Ellimist Chronicles.” He also tells her that she was a random choice to. The Ellimist Chronicles has ratings and 72 reviews. Mitch said: Ah, the nostalgia. I’m not complaining about the state of YA book publishing now ve. Nothing in it sounded familiar at all, and I wonder if I somehow missed this Chronicles completely. Either that, or it’s fallen into that haze from the end of the series.

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He is called the Ellimist. A being with the ability to alter space and time. A being with a power that will never be fully understood.

He is the reason Elfangor came to Earth. He is the reason the Earth now chrpnicles a fighting chance. And though his actions never seem quite right or wrong, you can be certain they are never, ever what anyone expects. This is the beginning and the middle of the story. A story that needs chroniclws be told in order to understand what might happen to the future. The future of the Animorphs. The future of humanity. The future of Earth. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — The Ellimist Chronicles by K. The Ellimist Chronicles Animorphs This is the beginning and the He is called the Ellimist. And this is his story PaperbackAn Apple Paperbackpages.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about The Ellimist Chronicleschroniicles sign up. On the cover, is that actually supposed to be Ellimist himself? Because that creature seems to have almost no physical features of the Ketrans as they are described in the book Josh Banks I wondered this as well; however, when he appears to the Animorphs, I seem to remember them describing as looking like an old man.

I believe this …more I wondered this as well; however, when he appears to the Animorphs, I seem to remember them describing as looking like an old man. I believe this description is what the cover art is simulating.

I suppose he appeared to chhronicles in a form that they would understand as trustworthy yet pseudo-omnipotent. It’s still confusing, since that is never referenced in this book.

See 1 question about The Ellimist Chronicles…. Lists with This Book. Apr 16, Mitch rated it it was amazing Shelves: I’m not complaining about the state of YA book publishing now versus a bit more than a decade ago, but these books used to come out monthly and as a scifi addicted elementary and then middle schooler I’d read every single damn installment of this series, whether it was Jake’s, Marco’s, Tobias’s, Ax’s, or even Cassie’s or Rachel’s point of view.

These books have aged surprisingly well too, rereading this one Ellmist amazed at how well the plot has held up. Besides a few dated pop c Ah, the nostalgia. Besides a few dated pop culture and technology references, it’s still good.

The Ellimist Chronicles | Seerowpedia | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Maybe because when these books first came out, they did things YA books before them didn’t really do all or talk out, orphans, single parent households, gray morality and dealing with your bad choices. Now, any YA without at least some of these elements would be relegated as a children’s book. And of course, the Ellimist and his adversary, Crayak, were always my favorite two characters, the two chessmasters who were really behind the goings on of the Animorphs universe, almost like two sides of the same coin.


Yeah, the point of the main series was always to see how Jake and company were dealing with the stealthy alien invader Yeerks, but I’ve always wondered who these two behind the scenes powers were and what they had in store for the universe.

What’s the Ellimist’s game and why’s he on the Animorphs’ side? Who the hell is Crayak and is he really as evil as everyone says? How’d the two of them get so powerful? And this book reveals all their mysteries and grand designs, it’s totally awesome for any true Animorphs fan, weird and strange, totally sci fi and satisfying all at once.

I’m sure I’m not the only one completely disappointed by how this series ended, no, I didn’t think it was poetic or fitting at all, even if Applegate wanted to have the Animorphs go down fighting, but what a fun ride ignoring a couple of the Megamorphs and every single one of the Choose Your Own Adventures, obviously.

But sometimes I still try to get a Happy Meal with Extra Happy at McDonald’s and reread this book that just gets better and better with nostalgia.

Jul 17, Christopher Jackson rated it it was amazing. This was the absolute best of all the Animorph books I have read. I cannot remember most of the Animorph plots or whatnot, but I will never forget the Ellimist.

This book was actually life-changing for me just as a way to think. Doesn’t matter if you’ve never read an Animorph book, this book will open your mind. Nov 17, Julie rated it really liked it Shelves: I meant to alternate Animorphs books more sparingly with other reading, but I’ve ended up pushing myself harder to finish them faster instead, like reading on the commute and at home which I don’t normally cyronicles.

The Ellimist Chronicles

Because we’re in the final stretch now, and I find myself just wanting more more more and to chronivles out what happens next. I hate gif chrnoicles, but I feel compelled to include just one: I’m marking this book under rereadstoo, even though I’m actually Nothing in it sounded familiar at all, and I wonder if I somehow missed this Chronicles completely.

Either that, or it’s fallen into that haze from the end of the series, where I don’t remember much because I never reread them until now. This book is complicated for me to rank. As a sci fi novel, it’s fantastic: For an author who didn’t actually intend to chronifles science fiction, Applegate is freakin’ fantastic at it. And the plot also contains sheer nightmare fuel, because it’s horrific ellimidt what Toomin undergoes on Father’s moon is absolutely flipping terrible.

As a contribution to the Animorphs chronology and backstory, I’m a bit less sure. Even though I do mourn the loss of the mystique a little, I guess readers would have been even madder if there hadn’t been any explanation for where the Ellimist and Crayak and their universe-spanning game came from. But also, imo it begs ellimiwt question: He does not seem like an upstanding gent. And it doesn’t feel like an Animorphs book, because it is just so off-the-charts and interstellar and space opera-esque — much moreso than the previous Chronicles.


War is still the key. The Ellimist’s initial war games, trying to win chronicle the kindest solution. Being the brilliant loser and is that not the perfect description for the Animorphs themselves, too? Showing that, once upon a time, he chonicles just an immature wastrel kid too, thrust into a harrowing circumstance entirely beyond him, and that he rose to the occasion. The importance of hopeespecially stupid irrational hope against all odds, especially in the face of probable failure.

Because that is everything the Animorphs are all about. They’re his champions; without elkimist it, they stand for everything the Ellimist stands for. Vhronicles children, some live. A few extra-spoilery notes ellkmist the worldbuilding: Although I guess it’s also an enjoyable irony that he’s technically just one guy but his reputation has become mythic, to the extent that species around the galaxy whisper about him as if he’s multitudes.

So I can get behind that. I think, mainly, I don’t like it tying into the development of the Andalites and the Pemalites. I can’t think of a good counter-example, but it’s like the Spider-Man movies retroactively making Uncle Ben’s death be at the hands of the Sandman.

Some developments should just be sheer accident and stand on their own, you know? Because a lot of stuff in Animorphs is already fated to beso having some accidents out there would be good. The Pemalites were fine by themselves. I also think if you were going to mention the Pemalites, there should have been some mention of Crayak creating the Howlers and exterminating them; it seemed like a pretty darn important round in their game. This is a fascinating origin story, and though part of me wishes the man could have stayed behind the curtain Plus, at the end of the road, you don’t just want to be game-pieces without any explanation behind our suffering; you want to know why.

And the foreshadowing is strong in this book in general: Toomin’s friend, for example, with his fascination with a game scenario featuring a parasite species, predator chrnoicles, and symbiotic species. The last page destroyed me. I went from “I’m okay, this is fine” to immediately crying in the living room next to my roommate.

Those last lines, man. This was ellimixt after 47 The Resistance which is also when I chose to read this, though Goodreads crhonicles it after 53, and some fans argue for reading it before the series or after the series Applegate writing this book was so so so so cruel. The very first line foreshadows that view spoiler [one of the Animorphs is going to die hide spoiler ].

It is wrenching to have set it up like this, and to have set it up for this chrknicles, because now readers will spend the next several books wondering. I’ve said this before, but: