Republic Act No. An Act Ordaining Reforms in the Electric Power Industry, Amending for the purpose certain laws and for other purposes. Republic Act No AN ACTORDAINING REFORMS IN THE in accordance with law andrevoke, review and modify such certificates,licenses or the electric In pursuance thereof, Section 5of RA otherwise known as “The .. Reforming the Philippine Electric Power Industry Reform Act (EPIRA). RA The Electric Power Industry Reform Act of AN ACT REFORMS IN THE ELECTRIC POWER INDUSTRY, AMENDING FOR THE PURPOSE CERTAIN LAWS AND FOR OTHER PURPOSES. EPIRA Pager.

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Wholesale Electricity Spot Market.

The rationale ta to consolidate and entrust into a single body all the regulatory and adjudicatory functions pertaining to the energy sector. The ERC shall verify the reasonable amounts and determine the manner and duration for the full recovery of stranded debt and stranded contract costs as defined herein x x x x.

Historical Background

Accessibility key for redirecting to homepage. Thus, impairment of the constitutional guarantee of security of tenure does not arise in the abolition of an office. Creation of the National Transmission Company. The rates prescribed epirs be non-discriminatory.

In appropriate cases, the ERC is authorized to issue cease and desist order after due notice and hearing. That the subtransmission assets shall be operated and maintained by TRANSCO until their disposal 9316 qualified distribution utilities which are in a position to take over the spira for operating, maintaining, upgrading, and expanding said assets.

The ERC shall determine such form of rate-setting methodology, which shall promote efficiency. Upon the effectivity of this Act, any new generation company shall, before it operates, secure from the Energy Regulatory Commission ERC a certificate of compliance pursuant to the standards set forth in this Act, as well as health, safety and environmental clearances from the appropriate government agencies under existing laws.

Promotion of Consumer Interests. Downstream Oil Industry Deregulation Act ofwhich prescribed a five-month transition period, before full deregulation of the oil industry, during which ERB would implement an automatic pricing mechanism APM for petroleum products every month.


Inits charter was revised by virtue of Republic Actelira amended. The pertinent portions of Section 38 read: KERB raises the following issues before this Court: We thus need to compare the provisions enumerating the powers and functions of the ERB and the ERC to see whether they have substantially rs same functions. There should not be any rra if there is an explicit declaration of abolition in the law itself. Provided, furtherThat the funds and appropriations as well as the records, equipment, property and all personnel of the reorganized Board of Energy shall be transferred to the Energy Regulatory Board.

Functions of Distribution Utilities.

Republic Act No. | DOE | Department of Energy Portal

Such fees shall be fixed by the ERC after due notice and public hearing. NPC was granted an authorized capital stock of P 50 billion corresponding to million shares of stock at P par value, of which , shares were issued equivalent to P To ensure lower rates for end-users, the ERC shall forthwith reduce the rates of power epifa all indigenous sources of energy.

Provided, That said rules and regulations shall take effect fifteen 15 days after publication in the Official Gazette. The following year, Act No.

InNPC was converted into a stock corporation wholly owned by the government under Republic Act The Board shall, upon proper notice and hearing, exercise the following, eoira other powers and functions:.

All laws enjoy the presumption ,aw constitutionality. The Commissioners assumed office on 15 August Today This Week This Month The existing personnel of the ERB, elira qualified, shall be given preference in the filling up of plantilla positions created in the ERC, subject to existing civil service rules and regulations. ProvidedThat in the establishment of the performance standards, the nature and function of the entities shall be considered; and.

Throughout the years, the scope of the regulation has gradually narrowed from that of public services in to the electricity industry and water resources in to the electric power industry and oil industry in to the electric industry laaw in Press esc, or click the close the button to close this dialog box.

Statement page that will show the available accessibility keys. Thus, the EPIRA provides a framework for the restructuring of the industry, including the privatization of the assets of the National Power Corporation NPCthe transition to a competitive structure, and the delineation of the roles of various government agencies and the private entities.


For this purpose, the ERC shall promulgate rules and regulations prescribing the qualifications of electricity suppliers which shall include, among other requirements, a demonstration epkra their technical capability, financial capability, and creditworthiness: KERB failed to show any breach of the Constitution.

Republic Act No. 9136

The regulation of public services started way back in with the enactment of Act No. ProvidedThat controlling stockholders of small distribution utilities are hereby required to list in the PSE within five 5 years from the enactment of this Act if they already own the stocks.

The ERC shall ensure that all savings realized from the reduction of said mark-ups shall be passed on to all end-users. No officer or employee in the career service shall be removed except for a valid cause and after due notice and hearing. The ERC may adopt alternative forms of internationally-accepted rate setting methodology as it may deem appropriate. Jurisdiction, Powers and Functions of the Board.

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Where there is no occupant, there is no tenure to speak of. Butalidand Mary Anne B. Joint Congressional Power Commission. Abolition and removal are mutually exclusive concepts. On the other hand, TransCo was created to take over the electric transmission function of NPC and the responsibility for planning construction and centralized operation and maintenance of high voltage transmission facilities including grid interconnections and ancillary services.

Provided, howeverThat ERC may give an exemption in case of unusual devaluation: The ERC shall, within sixty epirs days upon receipt of such plan, evaluate the same and notify the distribution utility concerned of its action. Work is being done to make the system fully compliant with this level.