“Westerns,” Pippin writes in Fatalism in American Film Noir, “adopt a mythic style of narration appropriate to founding narratives, presenting us. keen skills of textual analysis, Massood convincingly argues that the film is very much like his others, in that. 4 Little Girls includes “a focus on African American. Robert B. Pippin. Fatalism in American Film Noir: Some Cinematic Philosophy. Charlottesville: University of Virginia Press x + pages. $ (cloth.

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Both sides of this debate significantly broaden the more technical question of how we understand the actions of others and ourselves, adding to it a complicating historical component, giving the question an americzn gravity. Radical uncertainty is where these films take readers and mostly leave them.

Peter rated it fatslism liked it Sep 10, Helen Andrews rated it really liked it Nov 27, A Primer of Film Culture. The book’s main theme is the nature and conditions of agency, of what is required for and involved in ascription of actions to self and to others, and the conditions under which such ascriptions become tenuous, doubtful, or downright impossible.

Trevor Whittock – – Cambridge University Press.

Jul 23, Steven rated it really liked it Shelves: He convinces us that these films raise, if without definitively answering, questions about how these various notions are related, in what circumstances, and to what degree. Fatalism in American Film Noir: Moreover, since these are persistent issues in philosophy, stories reflecting them might add layers of depth and resonance to philosophical discussions of them.

Unlike most genres, the makers of the classical films typically so categorized were not consciously setting out to make films noir; the term was retroactively coined to refer to them.


Reading Pippin’s film books reminds ameridan of the fun of going to grad school at Chicago, where everybody seemed to be talking about movies all the time.

Robert B. Pippin, Fatalism in American Film Noir: Some Cinematic Philosophy – PhilPapers

To ask other readers questions nojr Fatalism in American Film Noirplease sign up. Yzclivius marked it as to-read Mar 21, A theme that is picked up in the analysis of Scarlett Street. Yet Pippin is quite convincing in arguing that the characters we meet in film noirs, and the kinds of actions that we witness them performing, are not well served by the reflective model of agency.

Cross at one point tellingly remarks, “that’s one thing I could never master, perspective”.

Fatalism in American Film Noir: Some Cinematic Philosophy – Robert Pippin

It qmerican testimony to the book’s appeal that it is almost as absorbing as the dark cinematic dramas it sets out to elucidate, and at least as thought-provoking.

The boy tending the gas station is a deaf-mute and we learn quickly that Jeff alone in the town can understand sign language, can hear by seeing, in other words, instead of what we will learn to suspect people in the town do, see only what they hear.

Refresh and try again. Susi Ju rated it it was ok Mar 15, Film noir is an interesting genre.

This is a felicitous way to describe the way a film can illuminate a philosophical problem. Alex marked it as to-read Jan 13, Added to PP index Total downloads 29of 2, Recent downloads 6 months 2of 2, Americab can I increase my downloads?

But this is mostly a way to capture the complexity of the notoriously complicated plotlines of noirs, as well as a way to capture insights from the films without slowing down the analysis that is reliant to some extent on the unique philosophical work that cinema can do.

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Fatalism in American Film Noir

In this book Robert Pippin argues that many of these films also raise distinctly philosophical questions. Trivia About Fatalism in Ameri Amir rated it really liked it Jun 20, Doc Films had incredible series that ran all the time–the best being the Michael Mann series that ran in my 8th and final year saw Thief, The Keep, and Heat all on the big screen.

Daspit rated it really liked it Sep 25, New Philosophies of Film: Pippin’s analysis highlights the way in which the films chosen for examination give credence to the existentialist idea that persons are ultimately defined through their actions, however ostensibly motivated, rather than through the beliefs, thoughts, or rationales that may precede action.

Amy rated it ij it Aug 17, JoLynn rated it liked it Dec 31, Notwithstanding the doubts just expressed about the degree to which Scarlet Street is really of a piece with Out of the Past and Lady from Shanghaione has to admire, and in broad strokes agree with, the picture Pippin gives us of partly opaque, partly deluded, partly unlucky, and thus not fully responsible, agents at the core of these films. On the other hand, fate serves characters as a ready-to-hand, always available justification for failing to act as they know they probably could and should.

Jody rated it liked it Sep 16, But in what sense?