GFI FAXmaker for Exchange/SMTP Manual. Configuring Fax server options • Field information first name: can be empty last name: can be. Leave “Proposed” items blank if no change is being made.) 1. Department: This fax was received by GFI FAXmaker fax server. For more. GFI FaxMaker™ fax server software solution for small to medium . ITSP Domain Name field should remain blank as no domain name was.

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The core of the Drivve Image suite, Fsxmaker is the command center that links input devices to your network and the world and enables you to automate an unlimited number of tasks — all at the touch of a button. Use this programmable set of tools to optimize scan quality and and create customized scanning workflows in seconds for each type of document.

Archive faxes to database

When used together with the other Drivve Image modules, SPT leverages virtually all of your existing data to make tasks a total no-brainer.

Eliminate any unwanted borders before sharing and storing your scanned documents. De-skew Use the de-skew function to straighten the image of an imperfectly scanned document. Name your document With the intelligent Filename Generation feature, you can get your company info perfectly organized for every future search and retrieval.

Define your file-naming convention in advance, including using variables. Tap automated names when filing your scanned docs or manually type in values at the display or use a combination of both.

Delete undesired lines from balnk scanned image, such as those that often appear on fax documents. PDF encryption ensures that confidential information remains private. Enhance security with intelligent user authentication, which is integrated in MS Active Directory. Blank-page deletion Speed up and streamline your scanning process and save money by eliminating empty pages.

Default your scans to duplex mode two-sidedeven for single-sided documents, and blank sides will be deleted from the job. Bates Stamping Annotate and paginate documents using predefined variables, generic text and image stamping, and enter or choose a Bates profile at the scanner or multifunctional device control panel.

This facilitates scanning documents directly to a network folder, particularly if there are hundreds of folders available. Browse to folder Open your folder tree, including root folder and subdirectories, right at the scanner or multifunctional device display admin can limit access to secure directory lists.

This makes not only quick retrieval but true organization a reality. Mastery of this metadata information defines the difference between entirely unstructured and perfectly structured data, the difference between losing or using your most precious asset. Print documents If your scanning device has print fazmaker, use the Browse to Print feature to browse your entire network from the display panel and immediately print out documents in most popular formats.

And use the Printback feature to process your scanned documents with whatever SPT functions are needed and print them out simultaneously. Virtually nothing will help you keep it all together, locally or globally, than vlank two-dimensional bar code. Bar codes make document routing happen without a thought. But they can be even more crucial to saving you money when you employ them at the center of such sensitive processes as gaxmaker verification or auditing or anything touching on questions of traceability.

Index and autoroute your scanned documents by using the content stored in highly efficient bar codes. Drivve Image analyzes bar code values and extracts specific data. You can split bar code data based on separator characters, extract parts of a bar code, use several bar codes on one page and much more.


Type and position detection The Barcode Module reads more than 20 industry-standard 1D and 2D bar codes and detects a bar code anywhere in an image. You can also specify a bar code location.

The Barcode Module lets you configure a minimum confidence level, fxxmaker the confidence level of every bar code, and sends you a notification if a bar code is below the minimum. Bar code orientations The Barcode Module reads almost all bar code orientations: And it lets you indicate a default orientation.

Separate documents with bar codes The Barcode Module reads almost all bar code orientations: Scanner Power Tools Exchange Fax. What happens when you need to do some faxmakeer emailing or faxing, when you need to get an email blast or a fax broadcast off in a hurry?

Not many scanners or multifunctional devices can handle such a big job on their own. Email to the sales team? Fax to all your PR agencies around the globe announcing your new release? Drivve Image provides direct integration with your Exchange server. Log in at your display for secure emailing right from your personal Microsoft Outlook account. Back at your PC, you’ll find the sent email in your Outlook “Sent” box you’ll receive a message if an email is undeliverable.

The ultimate fax server. FaxWare turns any server into a multifunctional fax center that offers businesses an array of advantages beyond simple faxing. A reliable, feature rich, and cost effective network faxing solution. A reliable, feature-rich and cost-effective network faxing solution.

This complete network fax solution includes all the necessary hardware and software for sending and receiving faxes from the desktop, email and back-end applications.

Send and blan, faxes as easily as email from your desktop, laptop or wireless device. More info at www. Fax server for Exchange – Fax in seconds! GFI FAXmaker makes sending and receiving faxes an efficient, simple and cheaper process and allows users to receive and send faxes directly from their email client.

With tens of thousands of customers and dozens of awards to its name, it is the leading fax server for Exchange Server! Organizations can exchange information in the formats most appropriate for their customers and partners, enable intelligent routing and trace information for compliance purposes.

Fax Server, RightFax Edition reduces costs, risks, and overhead associated with standalone fax machines and paper driven processes, integrates with a wide range applications and devices, and securely delivers documents to help organizations with compliance initiatives.

GoldFax is the ultimate solution for fax delivery. It is a high performance enterprise fax server software. GoldFax eliminates all of the limitations of conventional paper-based fax devices and significantly improves your fax document productivity, security and compliance, while reducing your operational costs.

When every fax is mission critical. The FaxCore high-performance engine is designed to deliver fax traffic over enterprise networks of any size locally and globally and is built on the Microsoft. FaxCore comes with free web-based tools to assist users and administrators blnk sending and receiving fax transmissions.

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The browser based client does not require any ActiveX or Java components. Users can access the Blanl server from anywhere in the world, using secure internet access.

This feature keeps you up to speed by letting you know when a new document is scanned to a specific destination. Streamline and accelerate your distribution tasks by emailing, faxing, and archiving your docs simultaneously. Barcode Module Lotus Notes Domino. Or, drop an email to your drafts and edit the message before sending it. Log in at your scan device for secure address book access and email right from your IBM Lotus Notes and Domino account.

Then send copies of your email message to one or more people simultaneously. Streamline and accelerate your distribution related business processes by scanning, emailing and filing your documents right from your scanning device. During the scan process Drivve Image optimizes image quality and provides integration to your third-party applications, like your document management and your IBM Lotus Notes and Domino collaboration solution.


Exchange Fax Database Connector. But nothing compares to what happens when you plug the Database Connector into the equation — yet another dimension is discovered. Nor is it a question of blanj on end users to input vital information by hand.

The Drivve Image Database Connector enables you to blani relevant info, decisively, from your already existing information infrastructure and apply it immediately to the task at hand. What are some of the benefits of this direct integration? Drivve Image provides an blan, information management solution, with powerful tools for connecting to your existing resources. The intuitive Full-Text Search feature makes it easy to locate a name, an address, or any other value within your data source.

Your Company Name Here. Need to generate docs that can be edited later with your preferred MS Office application? Use OCR to autorotate all those imperfect scans. Enhanced blaank manipulation even allows you to analyze functions on any type of data generated from OCR zones. Search faxmaksr an invoice number within an OCR zone or search and replace certain characters in a zone. Zone OCR is a great way to automate faaxmaker data entry associated with imaging tasks: From the creation of point-of-scan, personalized profiles through image processing and file format conversion, to autogenerated file names and filing structures, the SharePoint Connector makes feeding your SharePoint installation effortless.

2 blank pages when sending fax from outlook

Leverage the full range of Drivve Image processing and workflow functions to optimize and process your docs before scanning them directly into SharePoint. Index your scanned docs, fill in customized SharePoint fields, and browse your SharePoint filing structure all right from the control panel.

Want the perfect format for collaborating within SharePoint projects? When considering the security of the information your documents contain there is one salient concern to keep top of mind: Who is allowed to access the information contained and who is not.

Todays businesses are more than aware of the necessity to retain control of sensitive information and prevent unauthorized access to, extraction from, forwarding or editing of information. The permissions are assigned faxmker the document itself so no matter where the file is going, nobody can open it without the required permission. Scan your documents and configure permissions such as viewing and editing, right at the display of your scan device. Then send the encrypted document via email or file it.

Sign up here to receive product updates, webinar invites, and occassional tips and tricks to help you supercharge your drivve products. We won’t SPAM you, and you can opt out at any time. Read complete specifications Watch the Video. Border Crop Eliminate any unwanted borders before sharing and storing your scanned documents. Image Cleaning Get your scans to come out cleaner and more readable than ever by removing blobs and punch-hole marks.

User authentication Enhance security with intelligent user authentication, which is integrated in MS Active Directory.

Bar code reading Index and autoroute your scanned documents by using the raxmaker stored in highly efficient bar codes. Watch the Email Video.