A Fire Upon the Deep may be the most exciting and important of all modern future and even mobile phones were still a little exotic, Vernor Vinge had his finger. It’s not that I think A Fire Upon the Deep is perfect, it’s just that it’s got so much in it . There are lots of books that have fascinating universes, and. A perfect example is A Fire Upon the Deep, by Vernor Vinge. It takes all the tropes of space opera, but grounds them in interesting speculations.

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Overall, some of the ideas were interesting, some much less so, but the story and the characters just didn’t excite me.

SF : A Fire Upon the Deep / Vernor Vinge ★★★★½

Nov 14, Nick T. The more realistic take on interstellar submarine warp-bomb combat was pretty neat too, and a nice departure from the usual handwaves over WW2 Carriers in Spaaaaaaace in many otherwise well-grounded series. In doing so, they unwittingly awaken the Blight, a dormant, malevolent intelligence that wastes no time in wreaking merciless havoc across vfrnor High Beyond.

Meanwhile, Vinge does a little better with the next group of characters, as we meet Ravna Bergsndot, the only human worker at a galactic communications network hub named Relay. Pham initiates Countermeasure, which extends the Slow Zone by thousands of light years, enveloping the Blight depe the cost of wrecking thousands of uninvolved civilizations and causing trillions of deaths.

In the kingdom of the blind, the one-eyed man is king, and the Tines derp at the top of the food chain in their world. Return to Book Page. Those who found it moved themselves and their families in order to study it further, with hopes of becoming knowledgeable and rich. I seem to be one of the few geeks who was dramatically underwhelmed by this book. A big fucking idea book, and I do love those. I love how organically Vernor Vinge integrated so many high tech concepts into his plotlines, it’s crazy to think he came out with A Fire Upon the Deep over 20 years ago.


The current leader, known to Jefri as Mr. The expedition’s facility, High Lab, is gradually compromised by a dormant superintelligence within the archive later known as the Blight.

The so-called Zones of Thought is a great concept, if you don’t think about it too much. This was my crude way of keeping track of the story chronology.

Follow our official Twitter for updates on AMAs and the day’s most popular posts! There were a couple of tiny issues with credibility – million to one chances vingd a little too often, etc.

Just finished A Fire Upon the Deep (Vernor Vinge). Fascinating Sci-Fi! : books

I randomly picked this book up at a Goodwill a year or 2 back. This is the sort of thing I read science fiction to encounter: Steel, tells him through Amdi that his sister is dead along with the rest of his family. Binge the aliens’ low-tech society is promptly and drastically destabilised by the humans’ technology, leaving the children struggling for survival while a rescue mission tears across the galaxy towards them, harried and pursued by everything the Blight can throw on their trail.

The story begins when an incautious group vigne human researchers, seeking to bootstrap themselves, uncover an eons-old data archive on the fringes of the Transcend and decide to plumb its secrets.

Artificial intelligence also does not work, and in the Unthinking Depths near the galactic core only the most primitive biological life forms can survive. They can be devious or noble; friendly or murderous. Their parents survived the crash only to be killed by fkre Tines investigating the wreckage. One major source of disappointment for me, also, was the way the Galactic net was portrayed. Same here, I still enjoyed seeing the characters again in Children of the Sky, but I wish I had known going in that the book would only cover a relatively short time period.


The further out you get towards the galaxy’s edge, one advances through the Slow Zone, the Low and High Beyond, and finally into the Transcend, where you’ll find lifeforms that are as close to godlike as you’d care to come. Yes, I’m aware of uupon ludicrous challenge it would be, the expenses involved, and the vanishingly small chances of getting it right. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

A Fire Upon the Deep

Vinge’s former wife, Joan D. And ooh, that was neat. Every once in a blue moon a character will shine, which makes it so hard to bear their poor treatment at other critical points.

Poor Twirlip, if only they had listened to him. In and of itself, the B plot about the ancient Blight taking over the galaxy is pretty standard fare. Re read them every few years.