Hello forum. I’m fairly new to FSAE and suspension design. One of the overwhelming problems that I’m having is figure out the step by step. Abstract. Design analysis of suspension especially for racecar suspension is very crucial to achieve maximum performance and handling. Suspension design. This article deals with design of Formula SAE Suspension by considering various loads and their simulation on each component of the system.

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Secondly; There is a “Find” button at the utility bar up at the right just beside the “New” button, So try to search for your topic if it had been discused before so as to save time and effort. What are the specifications associated with your functional requirements. What do you want to achieve? With this you can use your tire model to obtain forces on the car, these forces will make you able to calculate load transfers, then re-calculate the tire forces, and iterate till you converge.

If you could give me a list from start to finish 1,2,3,etc in terms of calculations and parameters to address, that would be great.

OptimumLap would be a good place to start as it will give you a decent idea of what really affects laptime on one of these cars.

Then go back to your model and edit suwpension again and analyze once more and start iteration. Do you want to just keep the wheels on the car and complete the laps or do you want a car that is the fastest thing in a corner? If desifn have aero you have to calculate the load from it, in any case you will have drag, wich will require torque from the rear wheel and will create a small load transfer!


I have written down one approach, there is no “best” one, but this is systematic, and “relatively” simple since it seems to be your first go at it: Who is using what, what has been used before? Don’t stop studying; Once you start design; Study more not less! I basically don’t know where to start there is so much information. So to choose a tire you need a car, and to make a car you need to choose a tire.

Get the basics right first, the details only after. Suspension Design Step by Step Process.

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This will also have to integrate with the kind of car you want to build overall tradeoffs aren’t the same with a 4cylinder susppension with a single, aero or non aero. What are the functional requirements, for the suspension sub-system, these should emerge from the functional requirement of the car. Vehicles without suspension have won, and they can be fast, as long as the proper adjustments are left open for balance.

The suspension must permit vertical movement between the suspended mass relative to the tires. Remember that the tires are the only contact you have between the sprung mass and the ground.


Start by suspdnsion visualizing. Then, build, race, win. Another free one and quite successful is Wishbone. Read and understand about the bicycle model, the understand the behaviour of the model and the tire.

Only then will you have to worry with roll centers, roll stiffness, kinematics, motion ratio, dampers and such things.

Prior art, read on suspension design in RCVD for example. You’ll have to loose something in order to win the other. I mean I’m just sharing what I know. Now slim the ideas down to a core goal. Or find the yaw moment when both external tires are at peak for different radius. Introduce yourself properly; namecountry, team Not for a particular reason except that there is quite a lot of tutorials on youtube ” Start by darwing two planes; Front view and a side view.

I remember watching a video where Mr.

Suspension Design Step by Step Process

First; I want to tell you a tiny little thing Results 1 to 10 of Sorry for any typing mistakes. I hope I haven’t said something stupid, if so I duly apologize. Analyze handling of the car for different parameters and choose system parameters. It’s skipped forward to the final 5.