FRENICVG7S is our highest performance vector control inverter developed using Fuji’s leading technologies for the 21st century. The inverter has a. Fuji Frn15vg7s-2 FRN15VG7S2 FRENIC vg7. About this product Fuji Frenic FRNG11S-4JE 10hp VSD Variable Speed AC Drive motor starter G1. Frenic VG7S Fuji inverter sales and Frenic VG7S sales. Contact us for Frenic VG7S sales or repair confidential quotation. Frenic VG7S.

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Wide Range of Flexible, capacity applications. Allen Industries Industrial Electronics Repair.

Industries Best Control Performance Speed control accuracy of 0. Speed response of Hz tested with a dedicated motor with PG under vector control: Current response of Hz tested with a dedicated motor with PG under vector control: A standard product that meets three fumi types.

One class smaller model applicable. Enhanced, Build in Functions Improved tuning function Motor parameters can be tuned while the motor is stopped.


Built-in observer function for load vibration suppressing Equipped with load adaptive control function Stepless variable double-speed control is possible at light load. Increased position control function Zero-speed locking control. Position synchronizing control using pulse train input Option. Vector control is applicable to two types of motors. Built-in braking unit Built-in braking unit for 55kW or smaller models V series and for kW or smaller models V fuju allows downsizing machines and devices.


The card can handle line drivers as an option Interactive Keypad for Simple Operation Standard copy function Easily copies fenic code data to other inverters. Dedicated package software products for tension control, dancer control and position control are provided. Inverter Support Loader Provided An inverter support loader for Windows is available as an option to facilitate function code setting.

Standard protective function against input phase loss.

I am inquiring about repair. I am inquiring about calibration. I am inquiring about field service. I am inquiring about sales.


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FRENICVG7S | Fuji Electric Global

Rated 4 out of 5. Field Service We offer field service for repair of flow meter’s, CNC 5000cg7s, variable frequency drive’s, industrial motors, servo drive’s and servo motors, process control’s and more Calibration Services We offer in house calibration services and field calibration with N. Instrumentation, process controls, industrial controls, we have you covered.

Motor Repair Sevices We offer repair services for all motors including servo motors, spindle motor, AC motors, DC motors, resolvers, encoders, motor rewinding, bearing replacement and more.