Gísla saga, an Icelandic saga set in northwestern Iceland and written probably before the middle of the 13th century, which tells of an outlaw poet, Gísli Súrsson . Directed by Ágúst Guðmundsson. With Tinna Gunnlaugsdóttir, Arnar Jónsson, Kristján Jóhann Jónsson, Þráinn Karlsson. From an authentic Viking saga, Outlaw. The Saga of Gísli Súrsson begins with a good old-fashioned Norwegian family feud in which a guy named Skeggi asks his carpenter to carve a.

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So now the sports were set afoot as though nothing had happened.

But the foe made the pile up again a little way from the door on either side, and then the fire soon began to catch the beams of the house. There was a man named Thorbjorn Sealnip. Now all is quiet, and Gisli goes again to Thorgerda, and is with her another winter.

Then they stepped on the isle and fought, and each bore his gizli shield before him.

Gísla saga

Then Gisoi brings out the broken sgaa of “Graysteel,” which had fallen to his lot when they parted their heritage, and Thorgrim forged out of it a spear, and that spear was all sga by even and fitted to its haft. I read Gisla saga in medieval Icelandic several years ago and it still resonates for me in a similar way that the hard boiled detectives of Raymond Chandler do, or the heroes of American western stories, as in True Grit.

Come now with me and undo the locks at the gate, and watch while I am away, and undo the locks again when I come back. All in all an engaging Sagx story of feud and murder– Carol Clover likes to point out that Gisla saga is actually the first “detective novel”, rather than Oedipus Rex– in ggisli latter, the audience always knows who killed the king, while Oedipus is still trying to figure it out, and the audience’s knowledge heightens the tragedy– but in Gisla saga the audience is brought along with Gisli in the effort to discover the identity of the killer.


The Saga of Gisli was written early in the thirteenth century. One of their band came first, grinning and gaping, and methought I cut him asunder in the middle; and methought too he bore a wolf’s head. Methought I dreamt the first night that an adder crept out of a house I know, and stung Vestein to death.

This took them quite by surprise, and now they think that affairs are in a worse way than ever–four men dead and all the rest weary and wounded. Vestein had with him his saddle and saddle-cloth, and rode with a streamer to his spear.

The Saga of Gisli the Outlaw – Icelandic Saga Database

Eyjolf tells Helgi to attack Gisli who promptly chops him in half. He was a man who could turn his hand to anything, and was ever at work-mild of temper too. Yet they say something of their form and feature, and of their speech and discourse, what like it had been. Grateful for the cheer she made me, Straight my face forgot to frown. The story went that Bard, Kolbein’s friend, had settled it all with Thordisa; and, at anyrate, Skeggi saha up his mind that Bard was to blame for the loss of the match.

Sagga for Gisli and Vestein they were more than a hundred days out, and about the first day of winter came upon the coast of Hordaland in Norway, in a great fog and storm, at dead of night. Berg takes Bork’s side, but Thorstein stands up for himself. We have often met before, and we saya wish this to be the last time.


gisll Gisli says, Good, otherwise he would have had to kill them. As for Eyjolf, he fares home to Otterdale, and safa ill-pleased with his journey; and this last seemed to men the most shameful of all. Geirmund told his errand, and the whole story.

They remove the spear and make a mound for the body. And with that he takes all the clothes off the box-bed, and says that Gisli must crouch down in the straw at the bottom.

Gisli the Outlaw Index

We may as well turn back;” and so they did; but before they went Eyjolf says he wishes to go and see Auda. Getting dumped by gjsli girlfriend, Dagny, triggers his descent into madness. At the bottom of the article, feel free to list any sources that support your changes, so that we can fully understand their context.

gieli Gisli persuades Ingjald to divide the boats, he and the idiot rowing to shore and going uphill while Gisli stays with the female slave, Bothild, and pretends to be the idiot. Men thought it sooth that Gest had been in league with the lads all along, for he was their near kinsman. Internet URLs are the best. May 29, Therese added it Shelves: He takes the spear “Graysteel” out of the chest, and is clad in a blue cape, and in his kirtle and linen breeks and shoes.

Pray, step in, and search for him as narrowly as ye can. Then Gisli turned and threw Thorgrim such a fall on the slippery ice that he could scarce rise. Gisli chaunted these verses:.