Using mod_expires, you can tell visiting browsers to hold on to certain files longer (likes images, which are rarely changed). ss. It should be added to the top of ss file. ## EXPIRES CACHING ## mod_expires.c> ExpiresActive On ExpiresByType. htaccess mod_expires / mod_cache / mod_deflate / mod_headers ss.

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I’m not sure how you have your WordPress installation is configured caching, etc. If we access an old last modified file for the first time, Heuristic expiration policies set a expire time by deafult. Didn’t find much online.

3 Simple .htaccess Rules For Better Website Performace

If you have file that you tweak occasionally example – a CSS file you can overcome the cache issue by using URL fingerprinting. What browser caching does is “remember” the resources that the browser has already ecpiresbytype.

This article is so helpful to me because I was having a problem with WordPress caches, after following this article of course did some modification with the expiry time and the problem solved!

You can’t set expire times for external URLs.

How to Add mod_expires to your .htaccess

To remove the cache from your browser, your browser cache needs to be cleared. The Gtmetrix page is for determining how best to optimize your site for speed purposes. What’s weird, though, is that I simply had an ExpiresDefault “access plus 1 month” that was handling all file types html, jpg, css, js, etc correctly except svg. URL fingerprinting Getting a fresh not cached file resource is possible by having a unique name.

apache – Setting expire headers for fonts not working – Stack Overflow

No changes needed or reccomended? Hi, The response header for my website is looking like this: When a web browser displays your webpage it has to load several things like your logo, your CSS file, and other resources. I thought my head was going to explode. BO41 Thanks for that, but any idea why this is font-woff2 and not x-font-woff2 like the others? Eit says that the following links — all static, all going to outside servers — do not have expiration:.


Hello Prasana, Thank you for your question. More explanation o these settings will come later in this article. Please let us know if you have any further questions or comments. With the above 2 testing i got the below conclusion. Each time your website is accessed without Cache-Controlyour website has to make a request to the server for each image, javascript file, CSS file, and so forth to load.

It may be possible to pull the resources periodically and store them on your server, but it is almost like a reverse cdn setup, and can cause other problems. Ok, just tested this out and it made no change.

How do I set these to have long expiration?

So we cannot go by the 2nd testing result like creating a new fileWe have to make this work for old files also. That is not normal behavior, so it seems like it’s either something with your code or your server that expiresytype causing this.

I’m not expiresbyrype why your Expires header would be showing a date in the past, what is the code you currently have in your. It does appear that you may have some server side caching issues that you may want to speak with your server admin about.


Is the guide complete? I then tried accessing one more exliresbytype which was ceated on august month first time after enabling the expire. They discuss the same problem and have possible solutions for you. This makes your site faster to surf on the web. And like Gerben said, using the net espiresbytype in firefox, chrome dev tools, or some equivalent web developer tool helps see what headers are being sent and received.

Hello Scott, If those static components are NOT going to change because they’re graphics generally tiny graphics, too or consistent files, then you should not have to worry about putting an expiration date on them.

After you are more comfortable with caching, you may want to try Cache-Control, another method of caching which gives us more options. A better solution is: An example would be if our css file was named “main. Each file type can be set to specific times to expire the cache. Hello Chris, Thank you for contacting us.

Use Chrome developers tool, or the net-tab in firebug. The above line is saying that “if the file is one of these types, then we will do something to it See this FAQ article. I need your inputs on below: Browser caching stores webpage resource files on a local computer when a user visits a webpage.

So, I’m asking whether there are instructions code that I can place in the. How to disable caching using the. ExpiresActive on With the full code being: Thanks for useful information.