Interview with Jan Kersschot for Natural Spirit: Starpeople Vol. 55 Q: What made you come back “Home”? JK: Coming Home to your true nature. The Daydream Unmasked Jan Kersschot. flower picture. Jan Kersschot. book cover. Purchase Jan’s latest book – This is It: The Nature of Oneness. Link to Jan’s . Jan Kersschot has 16 books on Goodreads with ratings. Jan Kersschot’s most popular book is This Is It Interviews with Teachers of Non-Duality Includi.

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There is only this — which is simply that what appears. I am not a teacher in Advaita or nondualism. Open your heart to them if you feel a natural desire to show devotion to a master. Iersschot when I encountered Douglas Harding, he showed me the direct access with his experiments.

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No more demarcation between one and the other, between subject and object. What is going on in these places? Our parents thought we were keesschot young to see each other, but I needed to see her and one day I kissed here, standing behind the library.

One sand and many sandcastles. I am not saying that worshipping the keraschot is bad or ridiculous. Not you being, not me being – simply being.


It is like saying that gold depends on your wedding ring to be gold. We enter a paradox here, because non-duality can not be seen by an individual, and yet some indivduals seem to have had awakening experiences which refer directly to the non-dual. But what does it still matter if there is no one? It sounds as if one is better than the other — while on another page I say there can be no hierarchy. Impossible to talk about using words. In some parts of your books, there is also a tendency to suggest there is a difference between one teacher and the other.

Interview with Jan Kersschot

Get to Know Us. It is a bit more difficult to check out the so-called divine qualities of a master or guru. What if the world would not be present? It is also an expression of oneness. It was not me who came Home. That difference is usually clear. There is nobody or nothing outside kesschot It! Learn more about Amazon Prime. But even those moments are just snapshots. By the age of 18 till 25, while I was a medical student, I read kersschto lot of books about natural medicine and also about Hinduism, Zen Buddhism and philosophers from East and West, such as J.


Ok, from this day on, I will try doing nothing! So, nothing can obscure Awareness.

The daydream still goes on, even when the daydream has been unmasked as a daydream. The master makes it possible that the seeker discovers that kersscho awareness within, which is also without. But from vision X, you can never know what vision Y is, because it is impossible for the seeking individual to understand Beingness with the mind.

The Daydream Unmasked

But there are all these kfrsschot about saints and avatars. This may be charisma, clarity, eloquence, intelligence, compassion, leadership, and much more. But everybody believes that they are a person. I describe it as Beingness because it is not an activity like eating or breathing.

The compromising and the side tracks are also perfect expressions of Oneness. Spiritual traditions make it complicated and you make it sound so simple. That is what appears in my clouded brain. For example, ash acts as a catalyst in promoting the breakdown of sugar. No matter what you think or believe. It is like grace: