(Three books in one) 1) THE EDUCATION OF OVERSOUL SEVEN The first novel of the famed trilogy by Roberts which presents Seth’s concepts in a dramatic. THE EDUCATION OF OVERSOUL SEVEN by Jane Roberts. Illustrations by Robert F. Butts. PUBLISHED By POCKET BOOKS NEW YORK. Dedicated to. From the Bestselling Author of Seth Speaks and The Nature of Personal Reality The Education of Oversoul Seven The Further Education of Oversoul Seven.

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Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks overssoul telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. The Oversoul Seven Trilogy: Roberts was considered one of the most important psychics of the twentieth century.

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Hi, In what way does this build on or is different from Jane Roberts Seth Speaks work from the 70s and 80s? Tobias These are novels and iversoul way Jane Robrets describes their creation is that, in some way via an altered state of consciousness, she would find herself …more These are novels and the way Jane Roberts describes their creation is that, in some way via an altered state of consciousness, she would find herself in a ‘library’ and the books just came to her.

See 1 question about The Oversoul Seven Trilogy…. Lists with This Book. Oct 01, Davis Aujourd’hui rated it it was amazing.

For anyone who has read any of the Seth books, get ready for a fantastic spiritual adventure. Jane Roberts not only channels the unforgettably personable Seth. She is also a talented novelist. She will take you on a absolutely delightful spiritual voyage that will help you flesh out the understandings you have gleaned from the Seth books. That says a lot since I am the ovetsoul of a series of For anyone who pversoul read any of the Seth books, get ready for a fantastic spiritual adventure.

That says a lot since I am the author of a series of spiritually-themed novels! The characters in this book are engaging. I loved the way Oversoul Seven drew on his different incarnations in order to continue his education of the nature of his soul. The book speaks to tfilogy eternal moment of NOW; that is, all of our lives intersect ovedsoul influence each of them for the better good. Whether or not you believe in reincarnation, this book is a delightful fantasy.

Perhaps it will open your mind to the possibility that you have led other lives.

The Robert Moss BLOG: Perennial lessons of Oversoul Seven

Oversoul Seven is like a delicious dessert. You won’t want to put it down until you are finished. I am thrilled to learn that there are further adventures in store for me.

I can thank Jane Roberts for squarely putting me back on a spiritual track. The end result is that I am now a published author within the spiritual realm.

Nov 23, Charissa rated it did not like it Recommends it for: Recommended to Charissa by: The Local New Age Bookstore.

The Oversoul Seven Trilogy

So now I guess I’m going to confess to a slew of reading that took place for me in the mid-eighties, symbolized by this cracktastic New Age book.


I may, in trying to jimmie open that section of memory, slosh a bunch of other freaklicious New Agey books into this one which I read around the same time, so, don’t crucify me.

I grew up in a household devoid of any rel So now I guess I’m going to confess to a slew of reading that took place for me in the mid-eighties, symbolized by this cracktastic New Age book. I grew up in a household devoid of any religious observance. My grandmother had taken me to Jehovah’s Witness services as a child, and shoved bibles into my chubby little fists from an early age, but none of the patriarchal beliefs had taken hold, so I was left wandering the planet with a vague sense of spirituality and nothing to hang it on.

It began really with Richard Bach’s ‘Illusions’.

Something vague, profound and magical I could gravitate toward! Eventually that lead me to a crystal-grotesqued book store in Santa Rosa’s Montgomery Village.

The Oversoul Seven Trilogy – Wikipedia

I haunted it’s aisles on a weekly basis, dragging home obscure volumes of belief: Seth Speakswas the beginning of the Jane Roberts books – where a pot-bellied Gestalt follower channels the soul of a pirate from the afterlife.

These channelings go on and eventually Seth is reincarnated into like seven lives at the same time In the end it was like trying to figure out how many angels dance on the head of a pin. Like most religions or spiritual belief systems it all became ridiculously specific until I said to myself And went back to watching Monty Python episodes and learning to juggle, cheating at my job by putting too many toppings on the Round Table pizzas until they took me off the front line and made me work the trjlogy bar for the rest of my employment history.

One of the fringe benefits of reading New Age books was that it influenced my poetry. This period of my life ended by my writing a poem for a co-worker about how we had been soldiers together in a former life, killed each other on the field of battle, and died crying salty tears which made rivulets down our dirty faces as out souls spun away into the void. I read it out loud to him during a dinner break.

You could hear crickets chirping after I was done as he looked at me like I was from Mars Overshoe Seven was a cracktastic journey into sevfn mind of a complete snake oil saleswoman. One of the infamous New Ageys whose main purpose grilogy life is to find a magical spiritual silver bullet which will cause them to manifest their higher selves as millionaires with fancy estates and Ducati motorcycles. That’s trology Ghandi spun his own diapers and ate nothing but lemon juice for weeks on end.

View all 3 comments. A hugely enjoyable way to find ultimate truths. I can only try to express how janf I loved this trilogy. I was grinning at times, laughing at others, then teary, and then gasping as particular lines hit straight to the heart of truth; settling into my awareness in a way that oversouul left me utterly changed and uplifted.

It is a bit of a mind bender, but I oversouo that comprehension depends on how often you think about the concepts in these books etc. It gets easier and clearer as you go. I have read trilogyy A hugely enjoyable way to find ultimate truths. I have read some of the authors ‘Seth’ material, and while I recognize them for the ovwrsoul gifts that they are; I also struggled with understanding it at times. Oveesoul trilogy is a wonderful way to grasp those concepts in a way that robergs so fun and entertaining that I am sad there are no more Oversoul Seven books.


Aug 03, Barbara rated it triogy was amazing Recommends it for: I read the original books of Jane Roberts “Oversoul Seven” when they first came out and loved them. Now, after reading the Triology, I still love them! I was more fond of the original “Seven. For those on a metaphysical path, i highly recommend readign this book. Mar 19, Meera salah rated it it was amazing. This trilogy is unlike anything I have ever read and I believe if after ten or twenty years I came back to this book I would still be amazed, whether you believe in spirituality or not this book will interest you it will honestly interest anyone since the events that unravel are really exciting.

And aside from the exciting events and revelations that unfold throughout the book, Jane’s writing style is really unique. Feb 17, Ron Pendleton is currently reading it. I have just discovered Jane Roberts, and through her “Seth,” who writes about reality beyond which most people from Wisconsin have ever experienced.

Nov 16, Sylvia rated it really liked it Shelves: Jan 03, Betshy Sanchez Marrugo rated it it jae amazing. It is the most amazing book I have ever read. It transforms your perception, and therefore your reality. Hhe I was to pick a personal bible. This jabe be it. Feb 05, Jim Jambie rated it really liked it.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. The information in this book is phenomenal and will transform your life. Oct 14, Mark Brown rated it it was amazing. Deeply engaging and well written and thought provokingly mystical series of stories on their own, as well as an easy to read introduction to the Seth material.

I find myself stepping back and opening more to the possibilities tje life voersoul time and pondering the diverse threads and connections that make up ajne engagements with the world as well as with ourselves. Oct 10, Tobias rated it it was amazing. I originally read each of these books as they were first published.

Having read all of Jane Roberts’ Seth books, these were like icing on the cake! Now, years later, reading the three together reminds me just why she was such a gifted writer and channel. Seemed strange back in the 70s that Ms Roberts conjured up a future where the earth had been abandoned and we lived in sky cities with scarce water etc. BUT she saw that. These are must read books.

They open a window thr our higher selves and it i I originally read each of these books as they were first published. They open a window to our higher selves and it is not only 7 who is receiving an education but us, the readers. Interesting insite into the world of the soul.