The Gate of Tongues Unlocked: John Amos Comenius: Educational reform: To this end he wrote Janua Linguarum Reserata, a textbook that described useful. the teaching of languages: Janua linguarum reserata (The language gateway). The name suits our purpose perfectly, especially for those of us whose language . Janua × 1,; KB. 0 references. author · Johann Amos Comenius. 0 references. language of work or name · Latin. 0 references.

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The experts might have an answer. I guess in Greek you can always add a preposition jwnua more fun! Public domain Public domain false false. This work is in the public domain in reseratta country of origin and other countries and areas where the copyright term is the author’s life plus 70 years or less. By the way, I’m a big fan of your excellent Greek Ollendorff recordings, and the answer key is invaluable. These word keys will be useful in themselves, but also as a starting point for further notes on each word.

File:Janua linguarum reserata 1669.jpg

I saw Randy’s work several months ago, but for some reason Word doesn’t correctly display the Greek characters, so I couldn’t do much with it. The Word file, latest revision. Stephen Hill, not Hall. Profile cancel Sign in with Twitter Sign in with Facebook. Janua linguarum reserata aurea von Johann Amos Comenius. God created the world, full of the works of wisdom; and placed man in the midst of the Creatures, that by contemplating them, and Using them, and Discoursing on them, hee might have reserzta.


Janua Linguarum Latin-Greek transcription online – Textkit Greek and Latin Forums

Note that the PDF is usually dated and does not include the most recent corrections. See about 20 posts down for progress so far.

I’ve been checking each in the original text and in Perseus. I see now that the Greek text looks fine when I view it in Dropbox–go figure.

The following page uses this file: Views View Edit History. Perhaps I’ll split it into several documents for now. The following page uses this file: Notes on the word keys. See the original post above for the link.

Textkit Greek and Latin Forums

This image may not be in the public domain in these countries, which moreover do not implement the rule of the shorter term. Board index Latin Learning Latin. Summary [ edit ] Description Janua linguarum reserata page The book aimed to have a structured breakdown of learning, divided into 1, sentences, with an extensive Latin index at the end.

Inwhen the Habsburgs allowed only the Catholic religion in their monarchymany Czech Brethren found exile in Lesznoin Catholic Poland, where Protestants were tolerated. He also saw a narrow connection between language and knowledge, both of which he considered limited. Some notes on useful Greek and English editions of the Janua.

Filed under Old booksUnusual Books. I’ve deserata the Greek-to-Latin word index from the edition with the text to create section-by-section word keys.

Last edited by bedwere on Wed Sep 03, 3: In turn, I am doing some post-transcription tasks such as adding vowel length markings macrons and breves, to both the Latin and the Greeknotations, and hyperlinks to associated articles and pictures for given words in the Comenian text.


This file contains additional information such as Exif metadata which may have been added by the digital camera, scanner, or software program used to create or digitize it.

Public domain Public domain false false. Latin-czech-german edition frompage Latein-tschechisch-deutsche Ausgabe vonSeite I split the Google doc into four parts, which you can see linked above. See this page for the pertinent files: Note that a few countries have copyright terms longer than 70 years: Perhaps I say that because Attic is difficult for beginners compared to Koine, and this is some of the most difficult Greek I’ve encountered.

Digital version by archive. From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. I really enjoy using your digitized lexica, by the way.

Janua linguarum reserata – Wikipedia

To anyone who makes use of these docs, please go ahead and correct any mistakes you find. So I give you a hearty thanks as well. Retrieved from ” https: Despite its tatty condition — a few lingurum on ther back pages and very well read — it remains an entertaining book.

Thanks, bedwere, that’ll be useful. He was influenced by Francis Bacon, and in turn became hugely influential as Piaget shows see link below. Sometimes the text is wrong, but more often it’s a transcriptional error.