Install the latest WindowBuilder Pro build into Eclipse , or 2. (such as the standard Java Editor), simply right-click on the file and select Open With >. WindowBuilder has a very long history spanning multiple technologies and New Eclipse/Java version for SWT/RCP (SWT Designer). WindowBuilder is a powerful and easy to use bi-directional Java GUI designer that makes it very easy to create Java GUI applications without spending a lot of.

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Make the window wider, and then drag the divider as far as it will go to the right. When the user begins a new selection range, any previously selected items are deselected first.

This allows the user to view any part of a component of interest, without requiring the component to take up a lot of screen space or adapt to displaying itself in varying amounts of screen space. A simple JLabel is the other component in the second split pane.

Try to drag the divider all the way to the window’s edge. You iava process these events by adding a list selection listener to the list with the addListSelectionListener method.

These methods replace whatever component is already in that position with the new one.

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The divider stays where it tutorail, and the extra space goes to the component at the right. In this step we’ll create a container using the JFrame component. Your finished source code should look like this: You can divide screen space among three or more components by putting split panes inside of split panes, as described in Nesting Split Panes.

Otherwise, if you want to code by hand and do not want to use GroupLayoutthen GridBagLayout is recommended as the next most flexible and powerful layout manager. Building an user interface The following exercise assumes that you have SWT Designer already installed. In our example, the strings happen to be boys’ names. Other methods you are most likely to invoke on a JList object are those such as setPreferredSize that its superclasses provide. Right click the Exit button.


Again, the left component’s size and the divider position stay the same. Current Status Welcome to the new WindowBuilder homepage! NumberAdditionUI is set as the main class before running the application. Everytime it is pressed an ActionEvent is generated and passed to the listener’s actionPerformed method which in turn executes code windowbuildwr you provided in the event handler for this event.

Introduction to GUI Building – NetBeans IDE Tutorial

Other JList constructors let you initialize a list from a Vector or from an object that adheres to the ListModel interface. Setting the continuousLayout property to true makes the split pane’s contents be painted continuously while the user is moving the divider. Generated code doesn’t require any additional custom libraries to compile and run: These are set implicitly by setting the minimum sizes of the split pane’s two components.

You can make the display text editable by right-clicking the text field and choosing Edit Text from the popup menu. The call to setLayoutOrientation lets the list display its data in multiple columns. Because the split pane cannot display them at their preferred sizes or larger, it lays them out using their minimum sizes.

Note that the menu contains many more events you can respond to! This selection is highlighted in the following screenshot. The example turned them on using the setOneTouchExpandable method. Click the Design tab at the top of your work area to go back to the Form Design.

The bold line of code removes the selected item in the list. SWT Designer synchronizes between both representations. The reason is that although their preferred sizes are equal, their minimum sizes are not. Right-click the Add button jButton2.

A JList presents the user with a group of items, displayed in one or more columns, to choose from. This code uses the list model’s insertElementAt method to insert the new name after the current selection or, if no selection exists, at the beginning of the list.


If the top portion of uttorial split pane looks familiar windowvuilder you, it is because the program puts the split pane created by SplitPaneDemo inside a second split pane. The resize weight has no effect, however, when the user drags the divider. The following tables list the commonly used JSplitPane constructors and methods. The editor also offers the following major features: Event Handling – add event handlers to your components. For security reasons, a password field does not show the characters that the user types.

If left unspecified, this option called continuous layout is turned off. Creating a Project Exercise 2: Laying Out Components Within a Container. Assign an SelectionLister event handler to one of your buttons for the widgetSelected. Create a split pane.

How to Use Split Panes

If you want, you can listen for events on the list’s list selection model rather than on the list itself. A split pane’s resize weight has a value between 0. This is the spot where an event listener object is added to the GUI component; in this case, you register an ActionListener to the jButton3. You javz layout settings and create event handlers for your widgets.

See Drag and Drop and Data Transfer for more details. The divider is automatically placed so that the left component is at its preferred width and all remaining space goes to the right component. WindowBuilder uses the PostConstruct method to identify that a class is an Eclipse part.