“JGRO’s” Design. This design is very popular among the DIY CNC router community. This set of plans is very detailed and contains dimensions on all parts . DIY CNC JGRO Router PDF Plans jgro cnc router Woodworking Download Starting from the original design of the JGRO the Joe’s CNC. I decided on the tried and tested JGRO plans, available for free on . The JGRO design is mostly made from MDF,.

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I found that the spec saying to use OD 0.

Build a home made CNC machine (JGRO router)

I’m worried about these, as the original plans call for MDF, but most everything I’ve seen says that that’s not going to work for the Jrgo axis blocks. Now I’m committed to that size lead screw. For holes, I’ve been measuring drill bits with digital calipers to make sure they’re the right diameter. Comments on populace forums or any other websites that are publicly accessible. I also got to use the horizontal band saw and chopped the aluminum angle down into the lengths required p,ans x 2, 7.

Well, I got this far and like the woodworking aspect This design is very ergonomic looking and employs anti-torsion framing and slanted gantry side arms to account for CG location. Routing the X axis platform “H” shape was an interesting exercise.

CNC Router Plans

I wired the DB9 headers with ohm resistance across pins 1 and 5. The opinions expressed in this post are my own and are not necessarily those of CNCzone and its p,ans. I superglued the holes and let them dry before attempting to bolt things together, and the threading appears to be holding well.

In looking at the skate bearing assemblies, I couldn’t understand why some have offset holes at. Adjusted router depth to my liking using jig, then cut bits and measured to make sure it was set properly. If you can get ACME or trapezoidal threaded rod I would definitely go with that instead of the quarter inch all-threaded rod for the lead screw.


Some plans are thorough enough to act as a complete blueprint from start to finish while others only offer bits of information. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: I can’t tell the diff between a blog and a thread these days Show threads from the Jgo drill press I’m using doesn’t have laser guides.

Best Woodworking Plans: Jgro Cnc Router Wooden Plans

The planx fine depth adjustment doesn’t appear to be working, though. The DMs look less expensive and they’re nicely modular, but the Geckos have a really good rep. Coming from an Arduino world, having a full user interface where I can set acceleration and velocity and adjust jog percentage is a luxury. It was pricey, but my plan is to use it and then sell it some time later, lightly used, well cared for, plams defray some of the cost.

JGRO Router Table Design

Bring back lost love spells in Vacuum motors possibly cheaper Today, Many of us are very visual people and it helps to see examples of these machines laid out on paper. Ascending Order Descending Order Note: It was a bit tedious but fun checking connectivity on all points and rewiring it.

So many steps getting here I also got a set of ceramic adjustment screwdrivers from e-Bay so I could tune them, but it turned out they didn’t need much tuning.

They’re only held in place by the adjustment blocks. I got bearings from freebie rollerblades freecycle. I found a page on myheap jtro said they had advice on how to build this part, but then the update isn’t there in that blog.

Post a Comment Note: The initial build steps are going well.

That way, I could butt the jig up against the interior wall of the angle, and lay it flat when drilling. But the basic desgin is sound, and will work without modifications: Various scavenging done to assemble the power supply line igro computer power cable, circular spade things soldered on ends so they don’t come loose.


Notify me of new posts via email. The time now is Z axis assembly MDF without clamp — I don’t have a motor spindle yet. It appears to be the least pricey of the bunch. Then again, trying to turn my lead screw’s end in the lathe might cause me to mess up the threading at the point where the lathe holds the lead screw, so that’s a risk I could avoid. Make it the right depth such that the angle fits into it, and the whole thing is flush to a table when turned upside-down so the V of the angle forms a tent and is fully covered by the 2×4.

I’m now working on the X axis box, and have found that I want a chart for what hole sizes to use where. The router depth jigs didn’t work as well, but got pretty plajs, and I was always careful to cut test wood first and measure, rather than go for it all and cut too much.

I ended up figuring out how to use the jigsaw approach to cut these, and then filed them down with big files at the Tech Shop. You may like the linear motion pans on one design but prefer the cutting bed design jgeo another. I also used the acrylic jigs for router distance placement, and then had more jigs set up to try to figure out router depth. So instead of 0. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

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