The Mystery of Providence has ratings and 64 reviews. K.M. said: Took me a while to fully appreciate the book. The first half focuses a little too mu. Based on Psalm , ‘The Mystery of Providence’ by John Flavel shows how providence works for us in every stage and experience of our lives. pp. The Mystery of Providence by John Flavel – Contents. Introduction; The Evidence of Providence; The Work of Providence for the Saints; Our Birth and Upbringing.

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He would post a summary of and post their comments on his blog each Thursday, and each one in the group could read his comments, and also post their comments, or respond to the comments of others concerning the book.

I recommend this book wholeheartedly to thw and suggest than you read the Publisher’s Introduction, then Chapter 12, and then Chapters 1 to Mar 24, Geraldine Cooper rated it it was amazing. Mar 02, Troy Lizenby rated it it was amazing.

You just have to be patient enough to mine it.

The Mystery of Providence by John Flavel – Still Waters Revival Books

Journaling a 20th century phenomenon not according to Flavel who sees it as essential for encouraging your own soul but also others. If Christians showed at all times by their demeanour that they had a living faith in the God of the Scriptures, they would be better placed to commend to an unbelieving world their God and His power to save. To rest in the sovereignty of God is such a great comfort. Our own projects have come to nothing, and that which we never thought of or mhstery has taken place; not our choice of the ground, or skill in weighing and delivering the bowl, but some unforeseen providence, like a rub in the green, was that which made the cast.


Not only is it full of examples of the Providence of God, it is also a challenge to look at my own life and see His Providences there for an encouragement to both myself and others.

And yet Flavel’s attention is never focused on himself, but rather always first on God, and secondarily flzvel the reader.

The Mystery of Providence by John Flavel

Feb 24, Debra rated it it was amazing. Nov 06, Sally Ewan rated it it was amazing Shelves: Jun 11, Matt Galyon readsandcoffee rated it really liked it. In a systematic fashion, Flavel first lays down the groundwork for the reader, surrounding the reader with all the evidences of Providence that accompany the saint day to day throughout his life, even from before conversion.

Great book, so progidence meat and so much to ponder. It took me six months to finish this book, but it was worth it.

The Mystery of Providence

Committed Psalm 57 to memory as a result of reading it. Please read this book: Read this in the early 90s.

Without the providence of God we who are children of God would not be justified providenec Christ, sanctified, and one day glorified. All our discontents will not prevail with God to call back, or as the word may be rendered, make void His Word Isa. I highly recommend this book, and if you are able to, read it with another person willing to discuss it together, or a small group.

Flavel’s excellent book pulls back the shroud of selfishness and spurs a deeper appreciation for the God who grants underserved mercies. This is a wonderful book. The author also balances discussion about providence and His guidance with the need for the Word of God as the directing norms in our lives, and not use the excuse that providence has allowed us the door to go sin.


May 11, Alex rated it it was amazing. This is a practical and devotional book on God’s ot that tje to bolster the faith of those who are waivering in the midst of difficult circumstances, and rekindle a dependency on God in those who, enjoying comfortable circumstances, have drifted away from reliance on Him.

Pastor John Flavel slowly, but surely exposes this faulty way of thinking. God is such a mighty and wonderful God! It is true, things that greatly affect us are not easily forgotten by us; and yet, how ordinary is it for new impressions to raze out former ones?

I enjoyed this volume.

Let us first realise that everything does not depend on us. I have known about this book for almost 41 years, but it wasn’t until August that I bought it and it wasn’t until May that I began to read it. There’s gold on every page. Took me a while to fully appreciate the book. However – and this will explain my rating – he is quite repetitious.

How often do profidence think about God’s providence in our birth and upbringing? It’s easy to recognize God at work when circumstances seem to confirm His sovereign arrangements in our lives.

I do like how the author brings the devotional flavor to the subject of God’s providence.