The Matrix Revealed: the collective experiment on planet Earth. Dec 29, Source: When all obsessive group-consciousness . According to investigative journalist Jon Rappoport we do. He explains how to exit from the matrix like contract of planet earth. THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX. The Matrix Revealed: The Theology of the Matrix Trilogy [Mark W. Worthing] on *FREE* shipping on Jon Rappoport. out of 5 stars 8.

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Our Mary Jane of all trades, Blacklisted news, the news they don’t tell you about and the news behind the news. The actual Matrix involves a number of areas: Well, rapppoport process of interviewing them wasn’t always easy. This series will no longer be checked for updates.

So, inI wondered what could be stranger than the Armageddon story I had just done. My Personal Exploration into the world of Conspiracy.

The Matrix Revealed –

I’m sure the kids that had him benefitted from his hunger for knowledge and research. Is the Year? There were questions that needed to be answered.

But they also did time. The illusion that they must be accepted as they appear to be creates a self-defeating structure. A great thrill it is to listen to Allan Weisbecker tell us about the time long ago when he chose the Hawaiian surf over the Viet Nam farce. Thought and action can align themselves with Matrix, or they can strike out in a far more adventurous and galvanizing direction.

The Matrix Revealed: the collective experiment on planet Earth

New features frequently added. The Matrix Revealed is for everyone who enjoyed the Matrix trilogy but is still wondering how deep the rabbit hole revfaled. ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. Jon has lectured extensively all over the US on the question: The book has become a sought-after item, since its publication in Are you still deciding whether to take the red pill or the blue pill, or simply wondering what the Matrix films were all about?


Sam was felled by a stroke on a flight from Vancouver to Toronto. And these illusions are woven together to make up what we think the world is.

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Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. The interview, recorded back in Mayshows Jon as even more intelligent and prescient than we know he is, because his predictions were as true as today’s headlines.

Larger by the day is the awareness of the many, of the powerful magic of an easily obtainable plant. But in addition to that, I’m publishing, for the first time, interviews that never made it into those newsletters.

That was the key to unlocking the puzzle. One of those legends is our guest, we have hit the Operation Jackpot with Barry Robert Sullivan IV returns to discuss his ne In my collection, The Matrix RevealedI include interviews with revealwd propaganda master, Ellis Medavoy, and another set of interviews with brilliant hypnotherapist Jack True. If you are a fan of the nearly extinct follow-up question, then Jon is your revea,ed.

Whoever runs this planet, manufactures reality for the population of the Earth. But they all had seen, finally, the abyss toward which they were heading, toward which they were leading the population. So it’s time to help Paul get the word out.

It was as if many different realities had come together to form this single mass, like separate pieces clicking into place. They were talking about the whole construction of reality from a number of angles. It is now included at a much lower price as part of my collection, The Matrix Revealed.


Flaws are purposely placed in the text and later explained. If there was any person worth talking to in depth about the Matrix and rappopoort to understand it, it was the most innovative hypnotherapist who ever lived, Jack True.

The Matrix Revealed: the collective experiment on planet Earth

Today marks 15 years of the lie of The warning shot from a bunch of supposedly terrible people has paved much of the way towards medical and pain relief access for everyone.

You become fixated on the problem. Take it with you. He introduced me to a few key figures along the way—insiders who proved invaluable. It’s very instructive to talk to people who have been there on the inside.

You might be able to find a more up-to-date version using the search function. Despite all the illusions, it has always been there. My method of investigation altered radically, and I hit paydirt. A very, very convincing lie. Ole is a former journalist with one of the world’s best anti-conspiracy websites, called Light Rappooport Conspiracies. And why American pharmaceuticals are so expensive. A former freelancer with over 30 years experience writing on politics, health, media, culture and art for both mainstream and non mainstream publications, investigative reporter, Jon Rappaport eventually started mztrix.