their subsequent books entitled “Staking Tools and How to Use them” maintained the same K&D produced staking tool sets to cover the universe of brands. Picked this up recently for a snip from an excellent fleabayer in Japan: A fairly clean item from August with a good dial. Being a bit of a fan. Staking Tools & How to Use Them [K & D Manufacturing Corp.] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Thanks Tom, Good job! The first is an improved version of the one previously available with high resolution dpi images only.

By JhBd Started Wednesday at I had no problem downloading them. Have you had success with dial dots?

Improved eBooks of Staking Tools and How To Use Them

And remember this isn’t the ultimate way, just one that works for me. Dec 8, 2, 33 48 retired accountant NC Country Flag: Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

Thank You Very Much Tom. You can find the latest version of them at. Yes, my password is: I for one will be reading my way through it in the near future. Here is an auction tto the instructions list on it.


A quick and dirty walkthrough of fixing a loose Seiko logo on a Kinect. Hello Tom, Thanks for posting this interesting PDF which I have already downloaded and put in my kindle for staiing light reading, I am sure that loads of the members will appreciate your work in making it available.

Your MB username or email address: This is the complete original book, including the tool catalog information that was omitted from previous reprints. And on that subject, the latest series has me thinking “Please save me from ever being called upon to work an a Breitling chronograph I’m making this available in the spirit of, and appreciation for, Mark’s work on his YouTube channel. This is a resource that will be a great help to folk on the hoq that have a staking set, or are considering purchasing one.

The first part uuse some of the most clear explanations of the uses of staking tools that I’ve seen. Unfortunately I could with a quick look see what was wrong with it and why it was left to be unloved.

That Spring has Sprung.

It’s been far too much work if I’m the only one to benefit from it. Sign in Already have an account? The images are dpi and still look good, but the file is now half the size of the high rez version and includes the ability to search the text. Does anyone have an active linkcopyor whatever? Just keeping track of the names of the components is daunting enough. They have been fine!. Already have an account?


So to answer as many questions as possible at once I have made a small walk through on a similar watch I found in one of my project boxes. Sign up for a new account in our community.

Improved eBooks of Staking Tools and How To Use Them | NAWCC Message Board

Recently Browsing No registered users viewing this page. Here is the walk through in PDF format, just so you get a feel of the task ahead and what tools are needed. A warm welcome to the forum Tom. The site will evolve as I learn more and perhaps its value will evolve as well. You can find the latest version of them at Images Only: Otherwise, the book is the same as before. I appreciate any help or info. I realize you will have a ton of questions as you proceed with your project.

I’m sure you will enjoy it here. Dave T Registered User.