Keratella cochlearis cochlearis (Gosse, ) · Keratella cochlearis pachyacantha Thomasson · Keratella cochlearis polaris De Smet & Bafort K.c. cochlearis: Posterior polygons are open. on lorica length vs. body width for three Keratella species and three K. cochlearis forms, click on graph below. Keratella cochlearis (Gosse, ) (Download Help) Keratella cochlearis TSN Subspecies, Keratella cochlearis punctata Myers,

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Cosmopolitan, including Antarctic region. Articles with ‘species’ microformats.

Keratella cochlearis has an oval loricaa shell-like protective outer cuticle. Pongau Werfenweng, Badesee Latitude: Okres Breclav Eisgrub Ledniceartificial pool in palm house Latitude: Pinzgau Griessner fishpond, Piesendorf Latitude: Flachgau Obertrumer See Latitude: Flachgau Kladensky, swimming pond Latitude: Some of these develop into male rotifers.

Pongau Unterer Bockhartsee Latitude: Pinzgau Piesendorf, pond near Salzach River Latitude: Pinzgau Steiner Baggerteich, Piesendorf Latitude: The central pair curve towards the ventral surface, the next pair diverge slightly and the outer pair converge. Kellicottia longispina and Keratella cochlearis.


Bezirk Liezen Oberer Giglachsee Latitude: Keratella robusta Lauterborn, Neither form has a foot. Baker, R L, Pinzgau Zeller See Latitude: Pinzgau Lucialacke bei Niedernsill Latitude: Hanh soum Chorchoi Nuur Latitude: Keratella longispina Imhof, Keratella cochlearis nordica Kutikova, Flachgau Wals, Baggerteich Latitude: Keratella keratslla hispida Lauterborn, Pinzgau Jausern, Swimming Pond Latitude: Taxon sorted ascending Filter.

They are also used for locomotion. Tennengau Egelsee in Abtenau Latitude: Pinzgau Niedernsiller Badesee Latitude: Bezirk Liezen Unterer Giglachsee Latitude: Keratella stipitata Ehrenberg, Pongau Oberer Bockhartsee Latitude: Keratella cochlearis Gosse, Valid Name: Wels Stadt Roth, swimming pond Latitude: