The Similarity of Numbers in the Lives of St Louis and Louis XVI. Periodicity in Numbers. The Philosphy of Numbers. How to Find the Lucky Day. He passed away on May 6th. Cheiro describes several such instances which proves the accuracy of the system of numerology. The present volume has been . Second thing, according to Cheiro numerology birthday/ruling number is the main and important number which influence a person in whole life during daily.

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Sports, games, hunting, fighting, wrestling, all that requires force, and strong and prompt action: They are inclined to be attracted to social questions and reforms of all kinds, and are very positive and unconventional in their views and opinions.

Step 1 : Calculate the compound Number of your Name.

This number is full of the gravest warnings for the future. I now ask my readers to give their attention and concentration to the following system which I will put as briefly and in as clear language as possible. Greta Garbo yy 18th Sept. The heart as as general rule becomes affected in the latter years and produces irregular circulation of the blood.

It will be observed that the Planets have a Positive and Negative quality in accordance with the period of the. Keto 3 people often rise nmerology the very highest positions in any business, profession, or sphere in which they may be found. Kfro a great man, Napoleon was on the lower plane of existence, as can be seen if one looks up numeroloyy the number 8 Saturn and the 9 Mars dominated the chief events of his career. These number 8 people are either great successes or great failures; there appears to be no happy medium in their case.

Number 7 — Neptune, white, pearl. In the Indian Pantheon there are 13 Buddhas.


It cuts down all before it, reversing the order of things shown by the hands and feet springing up in the grass and the crowned head falling before the scythe. I finally figured out what the different systems are used for.

For this I have to analyze your best name from hundreds of name selections. Skeptics therefore regard numerology as a superstition and a pseudoscience that uses numbers to give the subject a veneer of scientific authority.


Apart from the Hindus, the ancient civilisations in Greece and Latin America, the practice of numerology was widespread. We know of the peculiar hallucinations which are produced by exposure to tropical moonlight during sleep. Is that the reason such subjects are shrouded in mystery and secrecy so as not to cause alarm 13 and fear in the uninitiated?

Thereafter Cheiro went into great detail in explaining how number 9 will play a. The higher types are clever, capable, witty, subtle, with an odd sense of humour quite their own. You can mail me on my ID rananosher yahoo. In modern times, we are aware of the importance of these two digits in computer language.

An illustration which may be given in connection with this is that of Napoleon. The person who lives from day to day in blissful ignorance of the problems that will catch up with them.

Secondly, that good and bad are inseparable, and that there are those who will play dirty tricks for bright reward. Louis XIV ascended the throne inalso a 14, and died inwhich also makes a Number 42 — as per The balance, poise, an hidden laws governing our own solar system have also never been explained, together with a thousand other things in our everyday life.

The twin sides of their nature are perpetually pulling in opposite directions. It is the best system I know for this purpose; its origin is lost in antiquity, but it is believed that it was originated by the Chaldeans, who were masters’ in all magical arts, and by them passed to the Hebrews.

These are the foundation colours for this period ; for the exact colours for people born on each individual day see Chapter 28 on colours. Look up numerology in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Some Additional Information Number 48 — as per Birmingham 1 Boston 1 New York 1 Alexandria 1 Whitechapel 1 or any other town or place that will by this system produce the number 1.

The number 11 added together as the ancient occultists laid down in their law of natural addition, namely, adding together from left to right, repeats the number 2, 12 repeats 3, 13 repeats 4, and so on up to 19, which in its turn becomes 1 plus 9 equals 10, and so again the repetition of l. Once the principal or dominating number of the life has been found, then the next step is to increase its power as much as possible, the exception being those who are born under the 8, namely the 8th, 17th, or 28th of any month, to whom I will give advice on this point later.


For the exact colours for people born on each individual day, see Chapter 28 on colours. The same rule applies to every month in the year and to every date of birth.

The chief faults they should guard against are- being restless and unsettled, lack of continuity in their plans and ideas, and lack of self-confidence. Number 49 — as per This is where the power and knowledge of the 94 Name number will apply.

Some players apply methods that are sometimes called numerological in games which involve numbers but no skill, such as bingo, roulette, keno, or lotteries. The term numerologist can be used for those who place faith in numerical patterns and draw pseudo-scientific inferences from them, even if those people do not practice traditional numerology.

Louis and Louis XVI They often make excellent speakers, but not so much through oratory as numerologu plain speaking; often too much so for their own numeroolgy.

Louis, a parallel of events, even to similarity in names, will be seen in the events in the life of Louis XVI. They are generally over-anxious in financial matters, and make great efforts to gather in money; as a rule, they have unusual ups and downs in their early life, and it takes all their hard work to keep ahead, but once they get on their feet they generally keep there.

If, however, the letters in a name should total up and produce the number 9, the meaning of it is that given as I set out in the previous chapter dealing with the numrrology 9, and for the compound numbers of the 9 such as the 18, 27, etc.