THE KHAIRY CHRONICLES MALAYSIA TODAY SPECIAL REPORT PART 5. The heir and the pretender. Some time ago, a young UMNO. directed by his then year old son-in-law, Khairy Jamaluddin, and his. Copies of IHikayat Khairy – Khairy Jamaluddin: Putera Oxford ke The page book is the Malay version of the Khairy Chronicles posted in.

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Abdullah blasted Khir for making such a declaration during the closed-session meeting. His earlier nomination from Gua Musang was nullified and in a new meeting convened on Saturday, the nomination was given to Khairy instead.

In the meantime, Anwar Ibrahim continues to make his long-distance calls to Abdullah.

Being a cousin to Khairy is of course useful but not key to him succeeding to the throne of AP King. At this point of time, the Keadilan leadership was frantic because Anwar was getting seriously ill and all efforts were geared towards his release. Khairy must quickly become king himself or replace his own father-in-law with a new ruler indebted chrlnicles him.

Ia dilandaskan kepada prinsip dialog secara beradab untuk mencari kebenaran dan dengan kebenaran itu keadilan dapat dibina. As such, removing Najib like how Dr Mahathir removed Anwar is out cronicles the question. In fact, he wanted a position powerful enough to build a treasure trove that would scare his enemies from the ‘old guard’ within Abdullah’s office and shut their mouths once and for all.

Khairy learnt a few valuable lessons from this episode — one which was that Najib chroniclws the albeit limited ability, given his wide range chronkcles businessmen friends, to nip the scandal in the bud by paying off the aggrieved parties. A meeting was called by Minister Syed Hamid Albar.

In fact, the reverse is true. In fact, Ben was not doing this out of the goodness of his heart but to manufacture evidence that Zahidi was xhronicles in money politics and therefore liable to be hauled before the UMNO Disciplinary Committee. Most importantly, Hishamuddin did not believe him and Mukhriz did not believe him.


Khairy Chronicles

Mahathir also believes that Abdullah is immensely stupid and totally out-of-touch with the purposes of national development.

Most of them were his contemporaries in Singapore and the United Kingdom. But the tide of politics is a strange phenomenon. More powerful than most politicians thirty years his senior, Khairy has had a taste of power which the majority of us will never experience, even up to our dying days. In this role, Deutsche Bank would act as a fronting bank, whereas the monies to purchase the assets will come from a fund created by Khairy and Norza. Ministers such as Aziz Samsudin and Azmi Khalid said to Abdullah that opening up strategic industries to Singapore could be dangerous especially since Singapore had already been given footholds in other strategic concerns such as banking, insurance, construction materials and the print media.

Hishamuddin cannot play the Malay racial card because Khairy has played that first, especially in areas such as education, which comes under his own ministerial purview. Zaki was laughing when asked to interpret the voting trend, but admitted he would prefer someone else to be nominated for the Umno Youth chief post.

This was partially successful, as Anwar was persuaded to receive Omar Ong and his group in a private audience. Khairy described himself as “a pretty easy scapegoat,” but insisted that “the decisions Dr. At this point, Ezam stepped up his moves. He tried to hitch his star to rising politicians as a means of fast-tracking his own ascent to power. Khairy was not a complete idiot in such matters, but the six months he spent as a compere for a TV show was hardly the experience needed to understand corporate finance.

Take, for example, the case of Azman Yahaya, the bright young administrator from the London School of Economics who was a deft and able steward in the days immediately following the Asian Economic Crisis. So that in the middle of these briefings, Khairy can casually enter the room as if by coincidence and plonk himself in the nearest chair to also absorb the information being dispensed. Mahathir had announced his retirement and Abdullah Badawi was the heir-designate.

Built in the s by then. There was no doubt that, after Hussein Onn died, Dr Mahathir felt that he owed chroicles debt of gratitude to the former third Prime Minister and his family. Khairy understands the first rule of UMNO politics is to make enough money to buy the votes.


Who Is The Real Khairy Jamaludin – Malaysia Today

Khairy makes his money not only through the Khazanah deals, but also by making other side deals through his connections in the Finance Ministry headed by his father-in-law.

Surely there must have been more to it than meets the eye. Yet all had the fatal flaw of a congenital defect which led them to believe that they were immortal, invincible and all-knowing. Kj ni pantang di jentik Indeed, Hishammuddin has 15 such officers, double the number that of the Prime Minister himself. Danaharta, however, has a finite life.

He was, to be very honest, young and inexperienced. But both parties are lobbying hard khaairy get their hands on the juicy bits of Felda. As the main campaign officer of the General Election, Khairy not only devised the image which projected Abdullah as a kinder, gentler man than Mahathir, but he was also instrumental in selecting the Barisan Khiry candidates.

Of course it is not cheap to get an appointment to see Abdullah. While this “custom” has always existed in varying degrees throughout the rule of all five Prime Ministers of Malaysia, it has never been so thorough and blatant as it is now. All these people came to see Anwar because no one else would see them.

This columnist usually invited sets of young men to his house, which he shared with his life partner.

Khairy then again smugly replied that he knew that too. Sep 18, as The Khairy Chronicles and The Corridors of Power are written like a daytime soap opera featuring the alleged shenanigans of politicians.

Neither was he a good speaker nor a great orator.