The Identification System for Power Stations “KKS” serves to identify plants, sections of plants KKS Kraftwerk-Kennzeichensystem – eBook. I work at a konsultant that build a kks of hydro power plant in indonesia,but until now,,i just still confuse, bucause we build a kks for hydro power plant with kks for . Kraftwerk-Kennzeichensystem,. Identification System for Power Station. KKS Keys. 1 st. Complete,non-project-related edition. Basis VGB 3 rd.

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The biggest way to impact an organization and even acountry is to focus on competency development of its workforce.

KKS Identification System for Power Plants – print

Hence, a keaftwerk-kennzeichensystem training program is vital. Offering over courses listed our training calendar, we aim to support not only ourorganization and those in the Power Utility Engineering sectors, we too provide programsthat support the call of our Prime Minister to nurture and develop skilled and competentworkforce for the benefit of our country.

ILSAS provides both training and consulting services that will assist our clients toachieve excellence. We ensure the services we provide to kraftwsrk-kennzeichensystem clients meet the constantlyevolving technological advances locally and abroad so that those trained will always behighly valued. We are grateful to our holding company, Tenaga Nasional Berhad TNBto itsdivisions and subsidiaries for supporting us in our efforts.

VGB-Be: KKS Identification System for Power Plants

kraftwerk-kennxeichensystem Such strong collaborative effortwill be highly useful for understanding the latest developments in the field of power utilitycompetency engineering. This panel consisted of both power plant operatorsas builders, and thus enabled a wide range ofrequirements to be considered for formulation of thesystem.


The KKS or parts of it can also be combined with othercoding systems to meet other requirements. The identification system provides for the requirements ofall the various departments involved in planning, licencing,construction, operation and maintenance.

The following table shows the relationships between thebreakdown levels, application and contents of KKS.

KKS (Kraftwerk-Kennzeichen System) | – the ‘project’ within my blood –

Development aims at completeintegration into the international standardisation grid. A uniform identification structure, with a maximum of four breakdown levels, was createdfor all three types; the units referred to becoming smaller from left to right. The identifier is divided into breakdown levels and form left to kraftwerk-kennzeichensystrm denote progressivelysmaller units.

For this reasons, the process-related location identifiers used in the variousKKS applications do not necessarily correspond with the generic designation. Thefollowing examples illustrate this: The process-related designation is the most importance designation.


It is used in thetechnical and civil engineering as well as in the electrical and kraftwerk-kennzeichensyystem and instrumentationengineering. This designation is necessary for the cabling and wiring of electrical and control andinstrumentation equipment. This designation is used only for electrical and instrumentationand control system.

These three types of designation use the same identification scheme, which is subdividedinto maximally four breakdown levels. Originally the titles of the breakdown levels werebased on process-related code: At above mentioned the breakdown levels as follows: The different applications of KKS are illustrated in the examples gives below. It is shownthat even combinations of breakdown levels from the different facilities in one identifierare possible.

The symbol means thatthe data characters can be omitted. The designation of the process shows that the breakdownlevel that read from left to right are from overview of the biggest scale of the plant to thesmallest components inside the plant.


Such identification must in any given case be agreed upon byall concerned as to: This breakdown level may be omitted if the identifier remains unequivocal.

Function — oriented subdivision of the total plant into main groups, groups, andsubgroups. There is no generally valid system for the meaning ofthe digits. Equipment — oriented subdivision of the equipment unit into main groups andsubgroups.

Component — oriented subdivision of the equipment unit into main groups andsubgroups. The process-related identification is for many applications the most importantidentification, since it permits, for example, locations of electrical and control equipment,rooms, signals, and the identification in circuit diagrams related to particular functions.

In electrical and instrumentation control engineering sectors, the equipment for auxiliaryservices, power supply, open-loop-control, instrumentation, etc.

The same applies to structures in civil engineering work. The complete notation i. For Level 2, DIN 40Part 2 specifies a maximum of 8 data kraftwerk-kennzeichensyetem of operationalalphanumeric format for use as desired, i. This DINstipulation is adopted for KKS application with a maximum of 6 data units but with theprovision that the first character of breakdown level is to be a letter.

KKS Coding (e-Book)

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