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Evidently, therefore, natural law does not presuppose education, revelation, or legislator, — provided one does not propose to confuse natural law with civil laws, in the ridiculous fashion of the theologians.

If the imagination, or let us say, that fantastic part of the brain whose nature is as unknown to us as mettri way of acting, be naturally small or weak, it will hardly be able to compare the analogy or the resemblance of its ideas, it will be able to see only what is face to face with it, or what affects it very strongly; and how will it see all this!

Yet it is always imagination which apperceives, and imagination which represents lq itself all objects along with their names and symbols; and thus, once again, imagination is the soul, since it plays all the roles of the soul. Full of humanity, this man will love human character even in his yomme.

The body is but a watch, whose watchmaker is the new chyle. Should we, then, be astonished that philosophers have always had in mind the health of the body, to preserve the health of the soul, that Pythagoras gave rules for the diet as carefully as Plato forbade wine? Charp deride philosophers who have regarded animals as machines.

Therefore if animals do not repent for having violated this inmost feeling which I am discussing, or rather if they absolutely lack it, man must necessarily be in the same condition.

Both are to be found throughout the records of the physicians who were philosophers, and not in the works of the philosophers who were not physicians. Others, for instance the ape, show more intelligence, and yet cannot learn music.


Man a Machine – Wikipedia

Among these sciences, evidently those whose signs are less simple and less sensible are harder to understand than the others, because more talent is required to comprehend and combine the immense number of words by which such sciences express the truths in their province. We imagine, or rather we infer, a cause superior to that which we owe all, and which truly has wrought all things in an inconceivable fashion. If, as is ordinarily observed, the imbecile does not lack brain, his brain will be deficient in its consistency — for instance, in being too soft.

Thus with such help of nature and art, why should not a man be more grateful, more generous, more constant in friendship, stronger in adversity? It is therefore certain that motion and feeling excite each other in turn, both in a whole body and in the same body when its structure is destroyed, to say nothing of certain plants which seem to exhibit the same phenomena of the union of feeling and motion.

Julien Offray de La Mettrie

In a word, would it be absolutely impossible to teach the ape a language? I suppose in shot that the natural law has not been given to animals. The soul follows the progress of the body, as it does the progress of education.

He worked off La Mettrie’s materialistic views but modified them to not be as extreme. History provides us with a noteworthy example of the power of temperature. To destroy the hypothesis of Stahl, we need not make as great an effort as I find that others have done before me. Find it on Scholar. I wish to speak of this impetuous principle that Hippocrates calls enormon soul.

These can no longer sustain the weight of the head, and the soul can no longer bear the burden of thought; it is in sleep as if it were not.

Since they can grasp nothing they can no more judge of the mechanism of the mqchine and development of bodies than a mole can of the path a stag can run. The blood cannot be quieted: In like fashion, it was necessary that nature should use more elaborate art in making and sustaining a machine which for a whole century could mark all motions of the heart and of the mind; for though one does not tell time by the pulse, it is at least the barometer of the warmth and the vivacity by which one may estimate the nature of the soul.


But if this force is manifested even in sections of fibers the heart, which is a composite of peculiarly connected fibers, must possess the same property. History of Western Philosophy. The transition from animals to man is not violent, as true philosophers will admit. It is true that melancholy, bile, phlegm, blood etc. Given the least principle of motion, animated bodies will have all that is necessary for moving, feeling, thinking, repenting, or in a word for conducting themselves in the physical realm, and in the moral realm hommd depends upon it.

Who was the first teacher of the human race?

If now any one ask me where is this innate force in our bodies, I answer that it very clearly resides in what the ancients called the parenchyma, that is to say, in the very substance of the organs not including the veins, the arteries, the nerves, in a word, that it resides in the organization of the whole body, and meytrie consequently each organ contains within itself forces more or less active according to the need of them.

I realize that all this is demanded by the interest of society. The soul is a taper whose light flares up the al before it goes out. He is a walking plant which has transplanted itself; if the climate is not the same, it will surely either degenerate or improve. What animal would die of hunger in the midst of a river of milk? I think that the same thing ka true of all those who commit crimes, even involuntary or temperamental crimes: Education, which women lack, strengthens his mind still more.

L’homme machine;

There La Mettrie wrote the Discours sur le bonheurwhich appalled leading Enlightenment thinkers such as VoltaireDiderot and D’Holbach due to its explicitly hedonistic sensualist principles which prioritised the unbridled pursuit of pleasure above all other things.

What do we see?

Der Mensch Als Maschine.