The VS-C25 is a long retractable soot blower for travels up to 25 feet. long retractable sootblower. Diamond P. Diamond Power International, Inc. ower International, Inc. For further information contact: or further information contact. IK Long Retractable Sootblower. Diamond Power’s IK retractable soot blower is the industry standard for online boiler cleaning needs. Learn More.

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Long retractable soot blowers are the best way to solt hard to remove deposit on boiler tubes because all of the energy exits through either two 2 or four 4 venturi nozzles. Reduction in spare parts Extended packing life Easy maintenance Hot-dipped galvanized housing with lifetime warranty Balanced design drive system.

Retratcable deposited on the heating surfaces of a boiler acts as a heat insulator. The IK-9M retractable sootblower is designed specifically for low maintenance, reliability, refractable and maximum cleaning performance. With more than a century of experience in boiler cleaning, you can depend on low maintenance, reliability, versatility and maximum cleaning performance backed by experience.

Newer Post Older Post Home. The IK’s single rack and pinion design offers an economical alternative for those seeking performance and durability. Dual rack and pinion design makes the traveling carriage move more balanced during the forward and reverse travel.

Has a pair 2 of nozzle in lance tube located on both side in exact opposition angle olng o and o with diameter approximately 22 or 25 mm. Learn More about Diamond Power Sootblowers. Designed for use on furnace wall surfaces where slag deposits are not removed by steam or air supplied wall sootblowers. In other words, the lance tube rotates clockwise in the forward travel and counterclockwise in the reverse travel.


Enclosed construction of the box beam provides maximum protection of all the working parts of the soot blower. The soot, which is removed from the heating surfaces, will be blown out with the flue gases.

Mostly used in high temperature furnace of Pulverized Fuel Boiler. Select your geographic region to submit retgactable sales or service inquiry: A sootblower may be operated manually or by a remotely controlled motor.

There is not temperature limitation in its use. Boiler Monitoring, Cameras and Diagnostics. The IK-AH air preheater sootblower cleans the heat transfer surface in regenerative air heaters with the medium of steam or air.

Privacy Terms Of Use Sitemap. Diamond Power IK Sootblower. Unsere Clean Energy Dragons! A soot fire can be damaging to a boiler because it can cause localized hotspots to occur in the tubes.

Long Retractable Soot Blower (LRSB)

Precisely designed nozzle head and rugged sootblower structure guarantees the positive cleaning without damaging the materials of the heat retractwble. These hotspots may reach temperatures that weaken the materials of the tubes.

Diamond Power’s IK retractable lonv blower is the industry standard for online boiler cleaning needs. If the boiler is equipped with a dust collectorit will trap the soot. Otherwise, the soot will be ejected into the outside air through the chimney stack.

Soot Blowers – Long Retractable Soot Blower Manufacturer from Dombivli

By indexing inside the gearbox using a clutch, we eliminate problems such as pinion and gear rack failure found in other systems. Clyde Bergemann retractable sootblowers offer excellent results in cleaning performance. Provides a closed-loop control system that utilizes sensors and software to provide real-time cleaning solutions that go beyond conventional cleaning.


IKDM3 Dual Media Sootblower The IKDM3 Cleaner contains a traveling multi-nozzle element device designed to blow low pressure air or stream for the primary fluid and high pressure or low pressure water for off-line cleaning. This type of soot blower is located in area superheater and reheater. These two spur gears provide the forward and reverse travel of the soot blower. A translation spur gear is also attached to the main drive shaft and this spur gear is engaged with another spur gear located on the pinion shaft directly above.

Maximum lance length is limited until 7 m, if the steam boiler larger than 7 m, so soot blower will be installed in both sides and can be operated by motor or manual.

The IKDM provides the ability to steam or air clean high density air heater baskets while a unit is online and high pressure wash it while the unit is offline. This page was last edited on 2 Octoberat IKSD-E Recovery Boiler Sootblower This proven, heavy-duty sootblower’s construction is suitable for up to 24 operations per day or more depending on steam conditionsand offers a logical balance between initial cost and lifetime maintenance.

For boilers up to 22 meters in furnace width.