FEATURED ARTICLES. What’s New in Modo v1. Explore what’s been added to the latest version of Modo, including Stitching, new Procedural tools, and UI. To support you as you hone your Modo skills, we’ve developed a series of learning resources. Access free video tutorials created by Foundry. Downloadable pdf user guides and online help for Modo 10 Series and earlier versions. Get all your answers now.

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You’ve probably clicked on them and were not quite sure how they work. Customize your Modo to suit your needs with third-party add-on solutions for your specific requirements. Figures 3 and 4 show these numeric areas. You see, some 3D animation programs over the years have offered a basic version, where you can model and perhaps use limited animation.

Now before you go any further, take a look at the Cylinder tool properties that appear on the left of the interface refer to Figure 5. Take your Modo skills to the next level with our in-depth learning resources and free online training videos.

One of the most anticipated features of modo is animation.

‘The Official Luxology modo 301 Guide’: Getting Started with modo 301/302

If lkxology did this for the Cylinder primitive, you’d find the Capsule tool. So why the sharp edge at the top of the mug? Then click once in an empty area of the layout to deselect the polygon. Discover how to move to Modo Exploring the principles of animation New to kodo The Official Luxology Modo Guide. Chris Landreth Talks ‘Subconscious Password’. Double-clicking on either end jumps the value to its starting and ending values.


With a simple primitive object created, you can use it to generate all kinds of new shapes by editing vertices, edges, or points. You’ll find this to the left of the current value area.

AGA Digital has produced 3D visuals for broadcast, corporate and architectural clients sinceas well as post-production services. Learn about transforming a series of models into a scene. Tutorials Tutorials on how to model and render a mug. You can also use the File menu, and choose Save.

Skills are taught using projects that take the reader from simple modeling to complex tasks, taking advantage of various tools and options along the way. You need another polygon to build the inside of the mug. In between animation jobs, Dan writes books on the subject. You can set the preview value by entering in the numbers. Skip to main content. First things first — save your work! Simply type in a new value, such as mm, and press Return. Cenage Course Technology, This video series offers transitional tips and walkthrough lessons to help Softimage artists leverage the strength of Modo in their pipeline.


In the Tools tab, select the Cylinder primitive, as shown in Figure 3 4. To begin your learning, you’ll first take a quick peak at the animation tools, then go through a simple project to get your move on.

Skip to main content. Click the Tools tab on the top left of the interface see Figure 2. You can see that modo recorded the position, radius, and axis for the newly created disc.

There are no secondary modules to install, nor are their different versions of the software to animate. Account Options Sign in. Getting Help Modo features several forms of help, in a variety of locations.

The Official Luxology Modo Guide – Dan Ablan – Google Books

Finally there is Proportional, where changes are scaled into the controls. If you look at the Bevel tool properties, the Inset value is now back to 0 mm. But modo is different. What you’ll create is simple, but long the way, you’ll get a feel for how to approach most projects in the program.